Why I'm a Great Catch

I was having a chat with a friend of the male variety last night, over some hummus (I love that I can just go to Tesco and buy any variety I want without having to make it myself), and he asked the million dollar question: Why are you single? Well, buddy, if I could give you an answer, I would have. I can probably say maybe it's my bad habit of rolling my eyes at men who try to impress me, or the fact that I don't tolerate nonsense, or the fact that I don't like bald or balding men which seems to be the norm here (snicker). But he did point out why I was a great catch, in his own funny "man" way.

The obvious - I'm cute. I won't go on too much about this for fear of being called vain. But I am.

Again, not going to expound but I am also smart and hella funny.

I love sports. I do. I love watching sports and going to watch sports. During the World Cup, if you are not a football fan, you are persona non grata in my life. Yes, I can appreciate the male form, but I also do appreciate the game. However, there has to be some balance as well. While I complain about my cousin watching football for hours on end, this is only because it interrupted productive student life. I also find something very pathetic about anyone who will sit for hours and hours and hours watching sports, or tv in general, when life is happening around them. It's the same way I feel about people married to their smartphones, Twitter etc. Go out...do something. But anyway, guys like a woman who not only loves sports but can appreciate THEIR love for sports. So when they are watching basketball or football, the woman understands why they don't want to snuggle at that exact moment. lol.

One of my many masterpieces
I'm a great cook. I love how he said this as he munched on store bought hummus. lol. There is immense truth in the saying, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I have spun my magic web around the fragile consciousness of male homosapiens just by twirling my pot spoon. I need to take greater advantage of this magic power.

I appreciate other people's space. I love having my "me" time and in the same vein, I appreciate the other person's space as well. I have seen too many girlfriends who do not give a guy a chance to breathe - always calling, nagging. My cousin had one of his typical boys' nights here and one of the girlfriends came over - uninvited. Why, honey? Don't you see there are only men here? What was even more annoying, somehow I was left to "babysit" this twit when all I wanted to do was watch my chick flick in the other room. By myself. Clinginess, on either side, is never cute.

To add to the above, I have my own interests and I am independent. Some men say they want an independent woman and then cannot deal with all that entails, but my friend pointed out that generally, the fact that I have my built a life and I am not obviously desperate to find a man is apparently attractive. My female relatives, in their sweet, old school way, would have me believe that marriage is the answer to all my problems. Getting a Master's degree and moving along in my chosen field, buying my own house, travelling - not so important to them. lol.

I am the anti-hoochie mama. Sure, I get upset and angry about stuff, but you will never see me doing a "Maury" in public or even in private. You know what a Maury is - a crazed woman who starts cussing, scratching, throwing things, having to be physically restrained from physically hurting the man. No. Or doing a Lifetime - the woman who starts crying and acting hysterical for no good reason. Yeah. That's not me. I stay pretty calm during disagreements. I think that is scarier - sitting and smiling at them, because then they go to bed with one eye open. lol. But seriously, I have crossed the threshold of teenaged behaviour. I believe there are definitely more grown-up ways of facing conflict. Yet I have seen women in my age bracket and older, who just simply act a fool, and then wonder, why the man vex!!!

All this however does not really help me at this point. But the hummus was amazing. I love hummus. Now, that's a great catch! The dude who can bring me hummus! lol.


  1. Hubby thinks you are his sort of woman! But he wants to warn you he doesn't like hummus.

  2. Not like hummus? Oh hubbyyyyyyyyyy! nooooooooooooo

  3. Ahhh but my hubby is the one who introduced me to hummus. Now he wishes he didn't as he doesn't like to share!
    Girl I totally understand where you are coming from. I was single until age 25 when I met the person who is now my husband! Poor him! haha.
    I used to get annoyed as the fact that I had got a rhodes scholarship, finished a medical degree and was now pursuing postgraduate education meant nothing to them... so annoooooooooooooooying! Live your life to please yourself I say! And look cute while doing it!

  4. You see? Progress means nothing to some compared to the wedding band. lol. But yes, I am at a point where I am actually enjoying life and not really too anxious about it.

    And hummus - if I had the proper tools here in Bachelor Pad, I would probably be making it every day. Now, I just thank God I can buy it at the shops.

  5. I really want some hummus right now.

    As for why you're still single, well, I just think there are things you're meant to do while you still have the freedom of being unattached.

  6. Really love this piece; I think it is important to go after what you want; develop your own interests, revel in the discovery of yourself. You can't live according to other people's expectations of how your life should go!! When we live life according to our compass; instead of being a weed that goes which ever way the wind blows, I think we'll find that we are well placed to frame and develop positive and healthy relationships.

  7. Sound like a smart lady who knows what she wants! Yay you!

  8. You're still single because you are not willing to settle for anything less than the person who is exactly right for you. (Go you!) If more people (truly) knew themselves before agreeing to spend their life with someone they barely know the world might be a happier place.

    Hubby always said he didn't like chic peas or hummus...finally got him to try hummus which he now loves but still won't touch a chic pea....funny man :)

  9. You ladies are all so awesome!

    Adrienne...your hubs is a bit like me. I will eat banana bread and banana pancakes but will not jump hoops to eat a banana. lol.

  10. After reading this list you sound like a great catch to me too :). Had to laugh about the balding men bit! I say love where your at and enjoy every minute because the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. Totally dig hummus by the way...

  11. Too funny! I like bananas but don't like banana flavored foods, like banana bread....which hubby loves. :)

  12. hmmmm...this hubby and I sound like we can tag team against you. lol.

  13. Even my kids like hummus. Yum.

    You are a great catch. Of course, you forgot to mention sex. It is a big seller. Cooking and sex. It's really all you need. ; )

  14. LOL. I did not forget sex actually but two things - my mother reads this and my hummus companion is not privy to my skills in that area. lol.

  15. Great post. I think it is important for us to recognize all the ways in which we are awesome .


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