When Dating Fun Becomes a Public Disaster

Take Me Out Game Show
So I went out with the girls on Sunday - dissertation break - and part of the evening was a customised version of the game show, Take Me Out. Now I had never heard of this thing, so when the young lady asked me whether I wanted to participate I politely declined. I have no desire to be a public sensation. 

I wiki'ed the concept for your benefit. 
One single man has to try to impress thirty single women. Each woman has a (white) light which she can turn off (red) if she is unimpressed by the man. His aim is to convince as many women as possible to keep their lights on so that he can then pick, from the women remaining, the one that he wishes to take on a date. If there is one woman left, the man and woman will go on a date. If no lights are left on - what is referred to as a "blackout" - then the man must leave the show without a date. - Wikipedia

In this case, there were about 7-8 single men, and the lights did not turn red when "switched off". They just switched off. They also selected women who had signed up - me, not included!!! Boy, did I dodge a bullet with this thing. Why?

1. The man candy was extremely stale. I mean, I am not sure where they found these princes but they were not happening. From the unemployed to the pants falling off the waist, to the babies (22 is not for me!!), I surely would not have wanted to date any of them. With that being said, I did not and could not understand the way they behaved later, cause any woman who dated them, was going to be doing them a favour, which leads me to point #2...

2. The embarrassment factor. The first young lady called up on stage - man, did I feel bad for this chick. I was not really paying attention to her "sales pitch" but I do recall she was American. Maybe she thought the accent would have won them over but she needed more than a Yankee accent, lemme tell ya. 

The look...the aesthetic did not win her any points with the guys I am sure. I mean, she was cute, and while her ensemble was not at all hurting my eyes, we must remember, men are shallow, visually stimulated beings. lol. The little house dress looking thing she was wearing with the ballet flats - a no go, especially if you sign yourself up for what is essentially a meat market, starring meatheaded men. And looking at the nimrods on stage, they were clearly looking for T&A. They wanted Nicki Minaj. Not Ma Kettle.

Nicki vs Ma - who would you choose?
Still, I did not expect the men to behave in the manner in which they did (or maybe I did) when the MC asked them to keep their lights on if they wanted to date her. 

Lights out. 


Let's just say, if the lights around their necks were the only light source in the room, we would have been in complete darkness, fumbling and groping strange people. And it was the no-hesitation, semi scramble, childish "not me, not me" antics to take their lights off, almost as if the last man standing would be sentenced to death that really got me. Poor. Add the "ooohs" and "damnnnnnn"s and laughter from the audience and I am sure this girl wanted to roll up in a ball, roll away and die. She did not die, at least not there, but she did roll away - taking her friend and hustling out of the room out of sheer embarassment no doubt. Lord, I feel shame for the chick.

Why would anyone put themselves through that though? I would not do it! Dating is hard enough! The private rejection is mind numbing, so why would you want to share that with the world, if even for "fun". I am sure she did not think it was fun in the end. 

As I said, the girl was cute and I am sure there is some guy out there who would love her and her house dress...umm...casual style. While I am confident in my hotness, I am not in any way fooling myself that I am THE ANSWER, and that all men will grovel at my feet. My hotness - it's not for everybody and being made a public spectacle is not my idea of a good Sunday night. I hope she has sufficiently recovered and learnt her lesson. Sit in your chair, drink your mojito and relax yourself.


  1. I watched this show on television and squirmed throughout it. You definitely did the right thing declining. You are too classy my dear for that sort of display.
    I tried to leave a comment from my phone the other day as I was worried you may have had trouble with the riots but it had a wobbly and wouldn't let me leave one. Hope all is well down there in 'the smoke'.
    Hubby says he almost bought hummus today - when are you sending me a photo pf yourself in a mini skirt? I explained that you weren't and even if you did he would be the last person I would show it to-don't want to start another nose bleed do we?
    Thank you for all your retweets and shout outs. I really appreciate it-you are such a great friend. I have been out getting goodies for the competitions on my blog on 16th Septemebr. I really hope you win something - you certainly deserve it :)
    Hugs and love.

  2. I am safe in the Big Smoke, my darling. I am glad hubby is well enough to even think of eating hummus. I am so impressed. I will do a photo for hubby but NOT in a mini-skirt. lol. I agree with you on that one. What is the poor man thinking?

    Retweets and shoutouts are nothing, girl. It is always my pleasure. 16 Sept - I will be free of all academic burdens so it should be fun! Until then, nose to the wheel...

  3. So, your Tweet about ballet flats prompted me back here...

    Yes. Ballet flats are awful shoes. I was having a conversation just a couple days ago about this very issue. There are other styles of flats that can look nice, but ballet flats, at BEST, look like someone had some nice heals, but the heals broke off. Awful.

    Though the house dress is preferable to capri pants. Just saying.

  4. LOL. Thank you for the insight, Maxwell. I think maybe if she was wearing a long dress or some hot trousers, she could have gotten away with the ballet flats. But the mid length house dress...no. I don't like capris either. They look like you ran out of cloth while making them.

  5. how horrible! who would do this show??? i like flats but obviously they aren't the best bait for men lol

  6. Yikes! I wouldn't have wanted to do that either! Thanks for stopping by today and linking up with us today...:) Have a great day! :)

    I hope you are in a safe spot with all the riots I have seen on the news!

  7. this was so awesome to read! thank u for being awesome! i like ur insight! i feel the same way.... lol. :)

  8. Oh wow...that was so fun to read. I'm mortified on that girl's behalf. I found you via a blog hop. I'm following now...thanks! :)

  9. Oh my god. This just sounds AWFUL! The poor thing :( I can't even begin to imagine what that must have felt like for her. They should at the very LEAST start asking her some questions instead of basing it all on first appearances, to at least make it a fair round.


    I have never heard of this, but I'm glad you warned me of it. Speed dating terrifies me enough as it is; this just sounds like torture.

    PS: Have been thinking of you a lot as of late and hope all is well with the riots. XOXO

  10. Hi! I have chosen you for The Versitile Blogger Award!
    Thanks for always providing something great to read :D
    Carol Anne
    Please stop by my blog and see the details ~

  11. I feel sorry for the girl. She probably was just thinking it would be a light hearted fun game. I've never heard of the show and surly won't be participating in anything like that if it ever comes up.

  12. Commenting in my CC ballet flats which are plenty chic and better than heels for travel.... Your post was a great escape.

  13. This is one of many times I'm thankful for NOT having to do the dating thing anymore. Men and women, alike can be horrible when surrounded by their peers.

    Why would anyone put themselves through something like that?

    And why, do so many people make it possible for reality shows etc to make a profit?

    How sad for them.

    Loving your blog though, cracking me up...even though I do tend to wear ballet flats. So much easier for chasing my three year old than the high heels I used to wear all the time. :)

    Write On!


  14. I like your blog especially finding out that you are very adventurous. Like studying in Paris then living with two ENglish flatmates. My admiration to you :)

  15. Wow. How sad! I feel too deeply for people, because I am sitting here feeling embarrassed for her, imagining the hurt and self-doubt and depression that followed the evening. I do not know why anyone would put themselves out there like that. Perhaps she felt like she needed to be more present, needed to do something out of the ordinary, needed to show she was capable of having a good time. Look what that got her.

  16. Part of me wants to feel bad for some of these people, but the other part of me thinks that's what they get for signing up for something like that!

  17. Wow, poor girl, how humiliating! I don't think I'd ever even want to put myself in such a position where I could get publicly rejected and humiliated like that! I think more importantly then what she was wearing is how she was feeling, I would be interested to know if she felt sexy or not. In my experience and from what a lot of my male friends have told me it's not what you wear but how your wear it, if you wear it confidently and radiate that confidence, that will win them over. If it made her feel like a housewife then that's what she would have looked like but if she felt like a sexy girl who could pounce out with a feather duster and make any guy fall at her feet then that's how they probably would have seen her. I'm guessing she didn't feel so sexy...


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