Babes with Kids: A Great Place for Mums

One thing I love about my friends is that they all are doing amazing things and when I wrote this post, I had a lot of great women in mind - mums who were doing their thing and being fierce!

My friend, Natalya - another one of those "friends from way back in high school", and a fab Trini as well,  agreed to share her story about her business, Babes With Kids - a website that serves as an online guide for mothers and their families.

So what exactly is Babes With Kids, you ask? Natalya explains how it all started.
My second child was born in August 2008 and I took 12 months of maternity leave. It was during this time I realised how difficult it was being a full time Mom. My husband was fully aware of my frustration and prompted me to start up a website. He was shocked that I choose to venture into a website about Motherhood instead of one about Mathematics, which is my field.
Babes with Kids was conceived in January 2009 and, with articles ranging from simply inspiring and motivating to children's education and family health, the site addresses common questions which mothers generally ask from day to day.
Babes with Kids is here to help moms feel, look and be their best! Women can excel in every area of life and having children should not stop anyone from fulfilling their lifelong goals and dreams. Women sacrifice a lot for their children and Babes with Kids is here to remind mothers to take care of themselves as well.
Being a full time teacher and a full time mum, Natalya also recognised that the site could support mothers who work from home.
Babes in Business was set up in May 2010 and will become a directory showcasing and promoting businesses set up by WAHMS (Work at Home Moms). Pregnancy is often the most creative phase of a woman’s life and many women get their best ideas immediately after the birth of a child. I am hoping to hone in on this creative energy and use it to encourage other Moms to become entrepreneurs.

Babes with Kids is an online guide for mums - encouraging them to be fierce!

While the site is primarily for mothers, there are various sections on the website which appeal to almost anyone, with articles across topics such as personal finance, health and beauty and there is even  poetry.

So how does Natalya manage a job, being a wife, mum to 3 kids, Trini superstar and this website?
It is very difficult. I am a full time Math Lecturer at a college in Hackney. I also do freelance work for a couple of exam boards and I am always studying. Having a 5 year old, 3 year old, 4 month old and a husband is not easy at all. I am not afraid to say when I am not coping and to admit when I need help.

None of this would have been possible without the children’s nanny. She is my most valuable asset. Her help allows me to have quality time with each of my kids, alone time at the gym (boxing is my hobby) and time with my husband.

I usually work on Babes with Kids during school holidays. I know that for it to really take off will mean me leaving my teaching job which I love.

(A 5yr old, 3 yr old, 4 mth old AND the husband. I would box too!)

The main challenge for her has been the lack of time to invest into the business.
Babes with Kids is a full time job but my teaching and my family consume the bulk of my time. It is good to know that if and when I decide to leave teaching that I have something else to put my energy into.

It is very rewarding connecting with other mums and reminding them to take time to develop their own well-being.

I continue to be inspired by the women in my life who are mums and doing things they want to do and enjoy doing, totally rocking the "S" on their chests.

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  1. What an amazing woman and this sounds like an incredible resource for other mommies! Thanks for sharing :)


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