Life is NOT like a Noodle Stir Fry. Stir Fry is Much Simpler.

Well, I woke up this morning and guess what? It was March. Time is going by at a pace. I am actually dreading this fleeting passage of time, only because this dissertation thing is a nightmare. All the decisions are also a nightmare. Why can't life be as simple as a noodle stir fry! Speaking of which...

I had really been in the mood for some stir fry. I crave the weirdest things at the most random times. So during my weekly Tesco run on Friday, I got everything I would have needed for a home-made noodle stir fry.

I got some pork, cause I love pork and it was cheap. Added my regular seasonings - garlic, onions, green seasoning, ginger, black pepper, salt, coriander. It looks good doesn't it? I had done this on Saturday so it could marinate over the weekend and soak up all the herby goodness. Of course you put it back in the fridge.

Pork marinating...

Then today I took it out and first pan fried it in a non-stick pan with a splash of EVOO. Pork is already a fatty type of meat. You don't need a lot.

Pork searing...

After pan frying on light heat for about 5 minutes - and it is really to give it some colour - I chucked it into an sturdy pan with a sturdy cover and chucked it all in the oven on a low heat for a couple hours. I continued doing my assignment while that did its oinky thing.

Then 2 hours later, I re-emerged and got started on my noodles. Added some egg noodles to boiling water, and let it cook for 3 minutes before draining. They taste good just like that too.

Noodles draining...

Then I got my veggies ready which involved me tearing the pack open. Gotta love ready-made stir fry noodles. At home I would have to cut this crap up myself if Hi-Lo was out, which was regularly.

Veggies waiting...

A bit of EVOO in the pot, and I added some pre-cut onions first, before dashing the veggies in. I also seasoned said onions with a bit of ginger and black pepper and a splash of soy sauce. Then I added my veggies and some oyster and garlic stir fry sauce.

Veggies stir frying...

Then came my noodles, salt to taste and it was done. The pork - out of the oven, and then I took some of the stock, added a splash of coconut milk powder, some ginger, garlic, parsley and about a 2tbsps of orange juice (sounds weird but it is really delicious) and reduced all that til the thickness was right for me. Add that to my pork and lunch was ready.

Mouth watering...

No white wine cause I am doing research and I am so fat it sucks. I don't like myself right now. I am in the "not liking myself time of the quarter". It usually coincides with when I need an eyebrow wax, or as in London, an eyebrow threading, and a salon job. Add puffy cheeks and a face as round as a full moon and I am a hot mess.

Tomorrow - the crap eating ends. I have a danish I need to dispose of today.


  1. I have days when I feel insecure (don't we all), and oddly enough, it does coincide with how my eyebrows look (I wrote a post on it ages ago). How completely random! Anyway, how is threading? I want to try but am terrified.

    That stirfry looks delish. I'd love to try it (maybe I'd substitute the pork with tofu).

  2. I have never made noodle stir fry but after reading this and looking at the pictures, I just might try it! It looks oh so delicious.

  3. Thank you so much for letting us know this noodle stir fry. I think this recipe was good so I will try to cook it and I hope I can make it perfect as yours. By the way guys do you have Pork Stir Fry? If yes, Please post here. I'm sure to be back here. Keep on sharing!


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