London Spring Wine and Cheese Festival

When I woke up this morning there was a big ball of light in the sky and it looked gorgeous outside. Pity it did not also feel gorgeous. The weather vacillated from hot to cold every 5 minutes it seemed. And by now, it is just biting cold. Weirdest weather ever.

So went down to Southbank to the Spring Wine and Cheese Festival and it was a nice time. A bit crowded, and the exhibitor staff were a bit grumpy and sometimes unhelpful but all in all it was a good afternoon out of the bedroom I call home. And leave it to me to actually forget I am fasting from alcohol. It somehow never clicked that I was going to a Wine festival during Lent - I guess I am more stressed out than I thought. And thanks to Sonso for reminding me AFTER the 4 glasses of pinot noir rosé. God will forgive me this slight indiscretion I am sure.

Essay time. Going to resume the work I started at 6am on this essay for a couple hours before hitting the sack. Tomorrow I am cooking a Trini curry dinner for a friend, and watching West Indies vs India at the Cricket World Cup, so no student life this Sunday. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Here a few photos from the day.

Sunshine - a rarity in London.

Sunshine in London! Amen!

And when there is sunshine, the people leave their houses and come out to play.

Spring cometh in London

There were surprisingly a lot of sweets and desserts at this wine and cheese festival.

Desserts at the London Spring Cheese and Wine Festival

But also a lot of cheese. A lot of cheese! Some really nice, some did not smell so nice.

Oodles and oodles of cheese at the London Spring Cheese and Wine Festival

And cheesecake!! Group shot!

Cheesecake at the London Spring Cheese and Wine Festival

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  1. Sounds like a fun festival! And a perfect day for it.


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