An Entire Entry about Crap. No. Really.

First, some housekeeping. For my article on the Five Must-See Spots in Trinidad and Tobago, hit the link, peeps.

Okay, so I have the cold again. Shocker. The weather really does not agree with me, nor do the germy people. Is it so hard to embrace the concept of blocking your mouth when you sneeze?

Speaking of germy and this was not germy this was just nasty. Now I am a dog lover, but I think I would have to either forfeit having a dog here, if I did not have a garden, or have a dedicated dog walker, because what I saw this afternoon, really made me look at dog ownership in a whole different way.

Just a bit of background - in Trinidad, dog shit is everywhere. There is no rule about dog shit. Most people who have dogs, have a big yard so we don't really have to walk our dogs outside. They run free in the yard and if not, the run free in the streets, savannahs and noone cares. You just have to accept that while walking through the savannah or wherever, you are likely to encounter a pile of turd, so be on the lookout.

So while I know that the poop 'n' scoop rule applies here, where your dog poops and the human scoops, never in my wildest dreams did I think it applied if your dog had the runs. I am walking down the street to my house and a woman is ahead of me, walking her dog. He stops to smell the fence, then he moves on, and then he stops, moves on. Then he stops and squats to do his thing and before I could look away, there is his runny poop escaping from his body. Ugh. My dinner-to-be was spoilt. But then to make matters worse, human master has a black plastic bag over her hand (cigarette in the other) and she kneels down to scoop up this runny mess. I could not believe it. And all the while, she is still smoking her lungs out, as though she is picking out oranges. She calmly sops up this thing and then folds the bag over her hand to hoist it away. O.M.G. And all the while...puff puff puff on the fag. Ciggie in one hand, bag of hot, runny dog shit in the other.

Rover better learn some new tricks
if he wants to live with me in London
I had to cross the street cause it was too nasty to look at. Sorry. I love my dogs but scooping up runny dog crap with my hand - only separated by a plastic bag - is NOT COOL. C'mon people!!! And they call us Third World? lol. Why can't the rule be,"walk with some sand to cover said crap" or if you know you are feeding your dog highly inflammatory foods, invest in some human friendly pooper scooper thing-a-ma-jig. My God! You bet your life, that dog better learn to scoop that sh... up himself/herself. I am not doing it. No way. Baby crap grosses me out and that's a small human. Dog mess? And runny mess too? Nah man. I evolved! I ain't doing it. Let me pay the fine, yes. And the scariest part of this episode? This lady will gingerly dispose of her black bag of treasure and without thinking, greet someone in the street and shake their hand, pinch their baby's cheeks or share their crisps with THAT hand. I may never let another person touch me or my crisps ever again.

And as we are on dogs, this neighbour of mine is really stifling her dog's freedom. It's like she is stalking the dog's life. He cannot bark without her flying out the house and shooing him inside. Poor creature. All he wants to do is chase the cat and chase his ball. When Daddy is at home, he plays catch with him and he gets to run and bark and enjoy doggyhood. But Mummy is a serious hater. Yet she is the one who spoils him most. Tsk.

I had an entirely different entry but it clearly went to the dogs.


  1. Yeurgh! Runny dog poop! In France they leave it everywhere in the streets....Hubby started naming all the streets 'Merde de chien' Rue de Merde de Chien' Place de Merde de Chien' etc you get the idea.
    Sounds like your neighbour shouldn't really have a dog...maybe a goldfish would be better company.
    I have got behind on reading my favourite blogs while I've been away so as I baked Hubby a cake this morning he's allowed me an entire hour on the internet to catch up.
    Sorry to hear you've got another cold. I can understand why's freezing cold outside again. :( Get better soon and watch out for dog mess!

  2. Around here, you can get a pretty hefty fine for leaving your dog crap behind. There are plastic bags all over the community where I live, dog parks, everywhere.


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