The Style of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Sitting in London, taking in the sights down in the southern Caribbean via live streaming and social networking was pretty entertaining. The Soca Monarch show on Friday night was the most entertaining evening by far. And despite all the views about who should have won, my winner was Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez in this mean and sexy Meiling/Anya deRogue warrior princess ensemble. She knew she was looking fierce and she worked that outfit. She rocked it! I love that she has really taken her style to a new level, while keeping her edge and her personality deeply embedded in her look. Very fierce, Fay. Congrats to Meiling and Anya on a great job on her outstanding look. It was undoubtedly the highlight of the night for me, in the midst of all the other commess.

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Andrea DaSilva
The King of Soca, Machel Montano, and Soca Monarch 2011, also went futuristic. It could have fitted a bit better.

Photo Credit: Trinidad Express/Dexter Phillip

Iwer George came out fiery. Gotta love Iwer's style though. He is not a spring chicken but he keeps himself looking really sharp. I was really digging his pants.

Photo Credit: Trinidad Express/Jermaine Cruickshank

Kees went pretty casual, but it's Kees - he does not need much.

Photo Credit: Trinidad Express/Dexter Phillip

Michelle Xavier was stunning in white and her makeup was perfect for her costume.

Photo Credit: International Soca Monarch

And Benjai's RWB suit went well with his song and with the spirit of the evening - true Trini-ness.

Photo Credit: International Soca Monarch

Special mention to Kees' bevy of dancing beauties who looked hot throughout the season.

Photo Credit: Kes The Band

I did not really take in the live stream of the masqueraders on the streets of Port of Spain yesterday, until the very end, but I know everyone had a good time and kudos to the ladies who made the effort to go to the gym to look good in their itty bitty costumes. While I am all about women of all shapes and sizes enjoying the mas, if you're a size 22, please - make some hard decisions about your Carnival participation and how you would like to look on the road and possibly all over the internet and in the papers. The size 12 bra may not be for you. And I am not a size 2, so I am not being a skinny bitch. Just keeping it real.

Photo Credit: Newsday/Rattan Jadoo

Photo Credit: Newsday

On to Lent. What am I fasting from? No alcohol for me despite the cold weather here. The next 40 days will be hopefully spent in reflection and zen.

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