Life in Heels, Flip Flops...and Converse?

I have only started wearing sneakers (or as they are called here in Britland - trainers!) regularly since starting school again, but this is not something I would do in regular diva life. For me, sneakers are for teenagers and for the gym. I own 3 pairs of sneakers. My Nike sneakers which are probably dry rotting at home, in the gym bag, right where I left them. My white and pink Saucony sneakers for the gym, which I did in fact bring with me, but they have not moved from the spot I have put them in, and my gym sweats and hoodies have become pyjamas in this cold weather. Gotta have some pinkish gym sneaks to keep it real though. And my cheap, but denim matching school sneaks, which cost me less than a blue note (TT$100) because I am not willing to pay more than that for walking/everyday sneakers, which after this degree, may most likely end up in a bag somewhere. Funnily enough, I almost bought the pair of Converse sneakers, but the only ones they had in store that store on that day were plain black and they just were not happenin' for me.

The Converse Store in Trinidad has a great little competition on and I am giving my girlfriend's brother some pluggin' here. Basically, young Converse lovers had to design their Converse, and while I am too old and would look too stupid in any of these, they were hot. This is definitely a young man's Converse, isn't it? And in the RWB of the Trini flag - WIN! You can vote for these and help a young man's dream come true HERE. You will have to "Like" the page first and then vote but he is really passionate about his design and I am all about supporting people's passions and helping them realise them. And honestly, I really do like these. These are super chill and I appreciate that there is not a whole lot going on it like some of the others. It is clean, simple yet very distinct and fashion forward. Nice one. My pick. So vote! Click on the links and "Like" the shoe!

I really like the simple creativity of these sneaks. I can see the guys rockin' these.

From a female perspective, this girly Converse really got me. You can feel the spunk and youth in them. A 15 year old me would wear these. And while I can still tick the 24-34 box, I will not be sporting neon colours on my feet anytime soon, but the right Converse, in the right colours to suit my personal tastes - yes.

But I do find them very stylish and funky. I really love these for the Bieberettes of the world.

Girlie sneaks! So young and hip.

I love self-expression and these are really great. Kudos to the Converse lovers who translated their vision to their feet. I will now tranlsate this bagel to my stomach. And again, don't forget to vote!


  1. I've never owned a pair of Converse in my life. But right now, I totally wish I could get away with those blue flower ones. Super cute!

  2. I absolutely love sneakers! They are for the teens but I just can't get enough. I love both of these designs. I would never be caught wearing either but they are pretty cool to look at :D

  3. Thanx for the support!!!! I appreciate it soooo much!!!

  4. I had to come back to this post and comment.

    Um, I'm mid thirties and I own 10 pairs of Chucks ( Converse ) and I have no intention of stopping either wearing them or buying them.

    I love them just as much as I love my heels :)

  5. I am just not a sneakers lover, Vikki. Never have been! lol

  6. When I'm not in heels, I'm in flats or Converse -- or as they're sometimes called "Chuckies" (for Chuck Taylors). So comfy and stylish and cost a whole lot less than some sports star-branded option. I will never pay US$100 for some basketball player's trainers. Never. If you can't feed your family or have trouble making the rent or paying your mortgage, you have no business buying premium when you should be spending it on unleaded.


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