Thinking about the Afterlife (lol)

I am sitting in my room, desperately trying not to cry over my dissertation (well, maybe "cry" is an exaggeration, but I am in slight panic mode) which is always at the top of my mind. If you think going out is at the top of my mind, you are very wrong.  I go out to actually forget about the challenges I am facing with this dissertation. I doubt I am supposed to sit and sulk in my room about it when that changes nothing.

Anyway...I am keeping positive and I have had 30% success this morning, after yet another all nighter, stalking potential respondents and getting some early feedback, which are still bold MAYBEs, but better than definite NOs.

Then in the middle of the ever boring and tedious task of transcribing interviews, I started thinking about the afterlife. Not THE afterlife but life after my Master's, because there are definitely some things I am looking forward to.

Warm weather and sunshine. The morning chill, the midday chill, the afternoon chill, the evening chill, the night chill. And the dreariness. The gloom. Not fun. Yesterday was not too bad actually. I boldly left the house in a strapless maxi dress (with a shrug in hand of course), even though I was not sure how long the sun would last but I said, screw it...the dress is just taking up space and not being worn, so might as well risk it. Good decision all round!

Shopping trip - I was looking at old Miami and NY photos last night, and checking out the stock at my favourite retailers. lol. Shoot me. I love it. I cannot wait to get a good shopping trip under my belt. And not just that but it also incorporates travel, vacation, meeting up with friends - all in one shot!

Dinner party - I love entertaining and love having friends over. I am so going to have a graduation do once this is over and have my people over to celebrate my triumph over academia and student life madness. I can actually focus on cooking again, in the way that I like - trying new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen and entertaining and having fun and catching up. I really miss that. It's not quite the same when you're trying to save money and time.

Personal space - There is definitely something to be said about one's comfort level being back in one's own house. I miss my own bed, my environment, my bathroom. My Glade Plug-Ins and scented candles. lol. Living with a man is not always a winning situation. The smell of football socks and other such rank odours are not smells I may soon forget but I know I will NOT miss it.

Getting a cute someone in my life - A month ago, in an email to my friend, Nic, I wrote (Nic is Trini like myself so the email was in full blown Trini. I have not made any edits):

"I fed up with man though. They annoying. If I could, I would be down by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home adopting a lil dog to love. They cute, just need food and an ear rub and they doh answer back, and unless is a pitbull, they doh kill yuh either."

I really do miss having a dog and after having my own little princess dognapped almost 4 years ago, I never replaced her. Being here, in Dog Happy England, and being surrounded by the cuteness, I have finally decided I want a cute doggie in my life once more. I think I have suffered enough. So while the household has 2 dogs, whose main job is allegedly to protect the premises (what a laugh!), I want MY dog. My baby - to cuddle with and take on drives and greet me when I come home from work.

And just general well being. Sure there will be job stress and other such life challenges, but I am just ready to put this school thing behind me. Soon. Positive thoughts today!


  1. I can so relate with the "living with a man" statement. Let's just say there's a reason he uses the second washroom and is banned from mine!

  2. I remember those graduate program days. A long, long time ago, my computer disk failed to call up my thesis (your dissertation) due in 3 days. I had to retype 120 pages - and I was only making last review corrections. SSShhheeeesh! Best of luck! Hang in there - I look forward to hearing about your party with "your people." There is nothing better than celebrating with our people! LOL (I just moved back after 2 years - and the first thing I did was celebrate with my peeps!WooHoo!)

    BTW - Thanks so much for your comment at SITS on my SITS Day! All those words of encouragement amazed me. SITS made a tiny-weeney mistake - my name is Maryleigh, not Melissa! Just thought I'd pass that along! Again, thanks for the sweet words!

  3. The time will fly by and soon you will be back in your space. But at some point you will miss this stage in your life. Lately I find myself reminiscing back to my Oxford or Mt Hope days.
    Anyways I shall keep my fingers crossed that you get more participants! :-)

  4. You have been such a positive influence today and your messages have really touched me...I for one, will miss you when you begin your afterlife...I feel like you are an essential part of my blogworld but you can rest assured I will be rooting for you all the way. You have achieved so much since you started this...look how you've survived the UK, mad neighbours, dreadful weather, been to a Royal Wedding, eaten Sainsbury's ready-made meals, blogged like billy-oh and kept us all entertained and laughed at the miserable Brits.
    The dissertation will definitely work out - just be patient. And then, let the party begin....
    Positive vibes are zooming in your direction from us here....

  5. Ladies, you are so awesome. Thank you so much for the show of support and for the positive energy. It has started working so keep it coming. I appreciate it!

  6. There is nothing like personal space ....and you never realize what it means to you until you don't have it. That alone would drive me crazy!

    I would have a dog too (if not for my insane allergies...) but my cats are great too! I know you're not a huge fan but you'd luv mine :)

    All of these things will be waiting for you when you are done and you will appreciate them so much more! Adding you to my prayer list sweetie!

  7. Wishing you many great days in the after life and hopefully a few during the journey.

  8. You're ready to put it behind you when I am just going to be starting...sigh. But such is life!

  9. Sending positive thoughts your way, girl. Also, I totally hear you on the dog thing--I want one so badly! There's nothing quite like the warm reception you get when you open the door and see that tail wagging :)


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