Can You Handle the Truth about Me?

Happy Friday everybody.

Now I am really terrible with awards. I get so many of these awesome awards from so many great bloggers and then I am so busy or just forget and the awards go unrecognised. I apologise belatedly and in advance. I have received the Versatile Blogger Award from the lovely Chasing Joy. Please go over and visit her blog.

I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself. Well, okay, if you insist!

1. I am one of two kids and I am the oldest. My brother is 4 years younger than I am.

2. I hate milk. I love telling the story my mother told me about how I stopped drinking all types of milk - breastmilk and formula - at age 3 months. She had no choice but to start me on solids, or risk ending up with a dead baby because I was just not having it! To this day, I will not have a glass of milk  - not regular milk anyway. I love soy milk. I live on Silk Vanilla soy milk which I cannot get here!!! Ugh. I will also have regular milk in fun stuff, like ice cream and milkshakes!

3.I love men with a full head of hair. I don't care if it's grey, once it's there. Bald men, I feel for them, but that is not really my problem is it? lol. Note: I have dated bald men, but it just..never worked out. Some of you may think that's really shallow but I have had one man already tell me he does not date women who wear glasses (the absolute horror, those glasses that cannot be taken off). So excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me, if a girl wants a full head of hair!

Sundried tomato hummus and rye crackers. Yummers
4. I am the proud auntie of an almost one-year old nephew. Aunties' Day is this Sunday. Need to have a word with the little one!

5. I am hoping to have twins and not have to do that whole pregnancy thing twice. I am one of those women who don't think pregnancy is cute. lol. So while I really would like kids some day, for various reasons, some more sensible and rational and serious than others, I really do have a deep fear of the whole pregnancy thing. That being said, there are two sets of twins on mum's side, including the mum herself and one set on dad's side so there may be a way to have my 2.5 kids without going beserk with fear and angst for 9 months. God help me!

6. I love hummus. I think it's a great summer food. I had some again today, with a bottle of Swedish cider.

7. I attended all girl schools until I left high school at 18. It's not so weird in Trinidad, but something to know. We did not even have male teachers, except for one dude in secondary school and he did not teach me ever.

I'm not going to tag anyone because everyone who reads this blog (well, almost everyone) is awesome. Feel free to take the award and let me know if you do the Q&A. Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Hahaha! I have a thing for tall bald men! And my husband has -- and will always have, thick curly hair LOL
    AND I used to want twins SO Bad. Untill I had kids.
    Now I am glad they came one at a time ;)

    Things work out the way they are supposed to I guess --
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm with you on the whole pregnancy thing. I have one child and he's lucky to be here! And I always thought twins would be great cuz it's sort of a 2 for 1 deal, right?

  3. I know. I have thought about the nightmare of having twins and doing the whole baby raising thing times two. Then I think about pregnancy and I dunno...I will take my chances. lol.

  4. On the same page as you for the milk statement :)

  5. Haha! I actually love bald men. Not balding. Balding isn't attractive. But bald? Love it.

  6. Well Avi here goes my response:

    1. I'm the eldest of three girls

    2. Love milk, but very allergic to it (I swell up like a bull-frog), so as a baby they put me on soy which I HATE to this very day, Tried almond, hate it too, but love goat's milk

    3. Prefer hair on a man's head, upper lip and chin (and other expected places). If he is bald, keep it bald (no patches please)

    4. Have a nephew and niece through my sister-in-law and a nephew through my youngest brother-in-law

    5. Have 3 boys, the first and the last were surprises. Pregnancies & deliveries weren't easy in the least, but they were all different and if it happens for you it will be different too

    6. Haven't had hummus in years. Like milk my stomach can't digest it well

    7. Went to co-ed all my life (high-school turned co-ed 3 years before I started, but people still viewed it as a girl's school, poor boys)


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