When a Bra is NOT sexy

Plastic bra straps are a NO! Just don't do it!
This video (below) on being sexy, without being slutty, was too funny. But behind every joke there is always some level of seriousness. I agree with the four rules described in the video -

  • show either legs or cleavage, not both
  • draw attention to your best feature with accessories,
  • don't wear very tight clothes but
  • the NUMBER ONE rule - don't show your bra straps!

I cannot tell you how this annoys me. So you get out the shower, spend an hour or so of your life fixing your hair and your mascara, then you pick out your best strappy or strapless summer top, and then negate all that by wearing the wrong bra! It looks sloppy. It is the female version of men wearing pants that hang off their ass, thus showing their underwear. I don't even show my bra straps in the privacy of my own home. Worse, if the bra you are so intent on showing off is old, dingy and frowsy looking. Why would you want to show the world your dingy bra? Keep that under wraps! Please!

And let me emphasise, PLASTIC bra straps are not where it's at either and this is where I 100% agreed with the video. They are probably the worst idea ever concocted. Who thought wearing a bra with a cheap clear plastic strap was fashion-forward? Really? Ladies, the cheap plastic strap is simply clear. It is not invisible, which means I can still see it. My advice - spend a little money and invest in a good and reliable strapless bra. It took me a long time to find one that really worked for me, but when I found it, I made the investment. There are also different cuts of bra, with adjustable straps for different types of tops - racer back, low cut backs, etc. You can proudly wear your tube or halter tops this summer (well, not in England!!!), with a good bra!!!


  1. I agree...whoever though plastic, clear bra straps was a good idea needs to be banned from fashion altogether!

  2. You are son on point! Those plastic bra straps look so cheap.Strapless all the way!

  3. My bra straps are nearly always on show but then I am pretty lazy so don't tend to care...I also have my boobs bursting out of my top the majority of the time and whenever I'm out partying, yeah you guessed it the legs are out as well! And if I fall over say hi to my ass!!! I'm such a classy lady...definitely a reason I only attract the douchebags...must try harder to be a lady!

  4. I agree about plastic bra straps!

  5. Agree about the plastic bra straps of course! However, some of us umm very well-endowed ladies can't always find good strapless bras that don't rotate or slip when you walk. Perhaps taping the bra to body might work in a non-hot climate??

  6. Plastic bra straps are annoying - but what about the back of the bra creeping up above your tank top?! I don't know how people do THAT!

    I recently started helping at a Mas camp - I feel shame - I never know Trinis could dress so bad! And they all think they being sexy!

  7. I agree on all counts! It's called UNDERwear for a reason!


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