You Should Be Slapped For Doing These

There are no words to describe how boring transcribing is

So working on my dissertation at the moment is…how can I say this? Boring. It’s not fun, kids. It’s tedious. I don’t do tedious. I start daydreaming. I think of random things. And these were the random thoughts today – random things that annoy me to varying extents.
  • I really hate people who leave plastic on new furniture. It really makes me suck my teeth. I mean, how ghetto! You are basically telling me that I am not be trusted on your new sofa, that I am not an adult, but a toddler who cannot keep dirt off your spanking new couch. It’s ghetto. Don’t do it.
  • The same goes to you, car owner, who does the same thing. I also hate the doilies on the head rest. Ghe-tto!
  • I also think it is highly offensive if you offer me a drink in a disposable cup. What? You don’t have a glass?
  • On the other hand, I am extremely grossed out if YOU don’t use a cup. Went to the auto shop once and it was a hot day so the guy politely offered me some water. As you all know, I am a germophobe so imagine my horror to see the 5 sweaty, greasy guys (men I did not know from Adam!!) passing around this water bottle, drinking (slurping) from it, and then pouring my water into a cup from it. I started thinking of ways to dispose of this liquid cause there was no way…

  • This is a real killer for me, but I hate sloppy eaters and greedy eaters. I got into an argument with a dude about this recently. It is torture going out to dinner with him or having lunch at his house. He does not eat. He mows the plate. While I appreciate that you are enjoying that curry or that you absolutely love my cooking, can you do it with a bit more restraint and some grace? If he could lick the plate, he would. I sat in disturbed silence for weeks, as he smacked his lips loudly and greedily at every single meal, before I just could not take it anymore. Needless to say, it did not end well. Lol.
  • Love my relatives, but how do you come home from work, not even change out of the clothes you been vamping in all day, and just head straight for the tv and proceed to sit there for HOURSSSSSS???
  • I hate people who also like to pretend they are always in the know. It is impossible to know everything that is happening. Don’t fake it. You’re annoying. This also applies to name-droppers. You’re super lame. Don’t do it.
  • My ISP is annoying right now cause the internet service is atrocious tonight and I fear it will go on for 2 weeks like last time.
  • I also dislike immensely transcribing dissertation interviews.


  1. Sounds like you could use a vacation!

    Those things all annoy me, too. And that water bottle? Gross!

  2. I agree with every single thing on your list. (Does anyone really use plastic on sofa's still??)

    Oh and the eating and talking with a full mouth- gross. We have a friend like that and it's a toss up of who sits next to that person. GAG


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