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Though it may seem lately that I am Miss Fun in the Sun and Miss Sex and the City, in reality, I am still a Master's student. That has not changed. I am still unsalaried and unable to even buy my favourite mascara (£10, Boots! Really?) and more importantly, bound to academia. While I may not have classes, which gives me significantly more free time than I had in the first two terms, allowing me to have a life, I am still often sitting behind the laptop, reading PR journals and stalking PR groups and people. It's just that writing about that is not always fun or interesting - not as interesting as salsa dancing. lol. I have been doing a lot of the PR stalking  recently as I try to overcome the most niggling hurdle yet - my Master's dissertation.

It is one thing to have to do research, and quite a hair pulling experience when one has to depend on others to complete said research. With my research method being qualitative research by way of in-depth interviews, I am handicapped by the good will or in my case, lack thereof, of my respondents. I have been grinding my teeth over the past month trying to grab 30 minutes of people's time to complete my data collection so I can get started on analysis and presentation. I am NOT a last minute kind of person and I foresee this major speedbump taking me down uncharted waters for me - the last minute hustle.

What is even more maddening is I got my transcripts yesterday for my degree thus far - minus said nightmare of dissertation. There is not a B on that sheet of paper. I should be ecstatic about this, and I am, cause if you have been reading this blog from the start of this adventure, you know through health, illness, thick and thin, I have been very committed as I am to most things in my life. Instead, I am more anxious than happy. I have been trying to forget my stress by going out more and not "sweating the small stuff" but this is not small stuff. This is a headache.

But I am keeping the faith. I just need 5 more interviews - which may sound like easy pickings but right now, from where I am sitting, and after countless attempts, it seems like an insurmountable mountain.

Still, I am case I needed to remind any of you. AWE-SOME!


  1. Good luck! Qualitative interviews are hard work. Earlier this year I interviewed 7 GPs/ lead nurses about immunisation and on top of everything else I was doing, it burned me out!

    Who do you have to pester to get those interviews?

  2. PR execs in blue chip companies. yowza.

  3. ....with all sincerity....Good luck....

  4. You're right... it's one thing to know that you are dependent upon your own hard work.. it's another when you have to rely upon other people.

    Best of Luck!! Your hard work WILL pay off!

  5. Yes, you ARE awesome! Look at how well you've done. And you are gonna rock the heck out of that dissertation. Best of luck!


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