Pinterest - Pin What???

So when I started using Pinterest, I was like...what the hell is this? How is this supposed to be interesting? What's the point? Who came up with this?

I just could not see the point. But after using it for a while, I have seen the point.

Pinterest is like an online/digital scrapbook, where you can "pin" things that interest you - hence the name. Duh. However, I would describe it as a great resource where I can put together things according to lists so I can go back to them, without having to bookmark them on my toolbar. And my mind is like a sieve these days - I often take a list to the supermarket to avoid catastrophe, like forgetting the macaroni when the plan was to make macaroni pie! This is perfect for me.

So for example, being a broke superstar, there are a lot of things I lust after at the moment that I simply am not in the position to buy right now. So I pin them. God help the retailers when I get a job! Beware!

My Style Pinboard on Pinterest
Another example, let's say I was lucky enough to have some dude get down on one knee and ask to spend the rest of his days with him, then I would need to do the dress, the invites, the honeymoon - all the bridezilla type things. Great tool for bookmarking ideas and stuff you like, and then going back to them to make final decisions.

I have this burning desire to have my own home and make it so me, and while I am not actively looking for ideas, sometimes you just come across things that you find interesting or "you". I say, pin 'em, suckers.

  • Home makeover ideas - pin those ideas.
  • Baby stuff or ideas for nursery - pin those ideas.
  • Books you simply must read one day - pin them.
  • Places you want to visit - pin them.
  • Hairstyle or complete MILF makeover ideas - pin them.
  • Recipes - pin them
  • Clever quotes you want to keep for posterity - pin 'em.
  • Party ideas - pin them
  • Carnival costume choices - pin them
  • Diets to fit into said skimpy Carnival costumes - pin them. lol.
  • Men you wanna date or marry - lol...well, maybe not so much. But hey, don't let me stop you!

As far as I see, if you have something that really rocks your world, and you want one place where you can keep it all together, then why not pin it?

I am not addicted but it can be addictive especially if you are indeed working on a personal project, and you can meet "pinners" with the same interests who may also have fabbo ideas that you can then "re-pin" to your own scrapbook. So there you go! Pinterest, in a few words.

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  1. I've been waiting for someone to explain what that site was! Thanks!!

  2. I also recently discovered Pinterest and am in love with it! I use it to remind me of fun home decorating ideas and great recipes I come across.

  3. You're welcome Kelli. I wish I had a blog entry like this before I started using it cause I was really confused. But it really grew on me.

    TSM - I can see myself (hopefully) using it for home decor ideas as well. I have all these ideas and see all these things but no home yet, so great way to keep it all together til that day comes!

  4. I am so addicted to this thing - I love it!

  5. I feel the same way about pinterest that I do about Google +. I'm sure it's great, but...meh...

  6. I'm totally obsessed! Especially the food and home decor ideas!

  7. I'm still trying to figure out my Pinterest account and what I should pin. Thanks for your post - it helps me get some perspective.

  8. absolutely OBSESSED with Pinterest. It is borderline an addiction lol!! You should link up with The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!!

  9. I will defo check out Vintage Apple. I am scared to think what kind of pinning damage I may do when I get my life back!

  10. I go in waves with my pinning but I as soon as I find a shoe I like I pin from my toolbar. It's just hard sometimes to find the time to find the original source. :)

    I've found some great stuff just repinning people that I've followed too. :)

  11. Interesting. I was wondering what this was all about and have received a few invites to join. I feel there are too many circles and groups and things I'm now a part of that I never want to start any new ones... but this does appeal to me a lot more now that you've given us the rundown :)


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