Call Me...Maybe: Dating has gone Beserk

Forza Italia! Forza Azzurri!
Of course it is football time in Trininista land (where we do NOT say "soccer") with the European Cup, or Euro 2012, on.

These are the times a girl - well, this girl - looks forward to in life. Being a long time fan of the Azzurri, and for the non-footballing heathens, that's the Italy national squad, I will be plotting some sort of plan to be able to see that do-or-die game tomorrow, as I sit in a meeting for 3 hours!!!

But in other more disturbing news, and I felt I needed to bring this to the fore...the Call Me Maybe card.

The Call Me Maybe Card - sad

Isn't this a tad bit desperate? On the flip side, one may say this is ingenious and proactive. But I am not sure how I would react if some guy came up to me in a bar and gave me one of these. It is too obvious and too orchestrated. This guy is walking around my bar, with a card holder full of these things. Is he just passing them out like candy to anything female that moves? Am I supposed to feel special after receiving one of these ? Then he has his Facebook page listed - maybe with all his glamour shots, and what else? Testimonials? What's wrong with saying hello? Okay, maybe the girl will roll her eyes and walk away. Maybe she will laugh at you with her friends. But isn't that part of the game? lol. This just took the game from sport to creepy activity. Sorry. I mean it's bad enough that when you meet a guy these days, he does not even call. He wants to BBM you or IM you - total lack of proper communication skills. Now we have to put up with dating call cards? Really?

p.s. I don't roll my eyes unless you have gold teeth, cannot construct a sentence or you refer to me by some body part, or by my complexion. Take that as a hint as to what NOT to do.


  1. Kind of needy, and creepy if you ask me.

  2. It's strikes me as lazy and conceited because he's not even interested in getting your number; and expects that you'd want to call him? Ugh.

  3. I just had a recent experience like this. The guy did not have a "call me" card but his regular business card. The problem was that he gave it to me and the girl sitting on the other side of him. He is a financial advisor so it also was not clear if he was intrested in either or us personally or if he was trying to get more personal finance clients??? SMH.

  4. Oh, that's just RIDICULOUS. And I recently saw somewhere that people in business were actually adding this "call me maybe" nonsense to their cards. How unprofessional does that make you sound right off the bat??

    I dunno how I'd react if I got one of these at a bar. But I'd likely wait til the fellow left and throw it in the bin. You're absolutely right: that man's givin' 'em away like candy.


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