Italy meets Trininista: A night at Buzo Osteria Italiana

Buzo Osteria Italiana, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Since I have been back home, I have been trying to check out some of the places that had opened while I was away, or just places I had not had chance to patronise yet.

Last night, the girls and I went to Buzo Osteria Italiana, located on Warner Street in Port of Spain. Everyone else had already been but I was going to pop my Buzo cherry. I had heard many good things and believe me, I love Italian food, so I was very excited (and how awesome that Italy is on today in Euro 2012!! woot woot!)

And I was not disappointed. The restaurant's ambience is amazing. Very modern, very chic but not pretentious. My type of place and for a moment, I forgot I was in Trinidad. There is also a great outdoor area where most of the smokers had settled for the evening but even with the disgusting cigarette smoke, it was really cosy and fresh in look and feel. The out of Trinidad feeling was compounded by the stellar service from the wait staff. So used to horrendous and just plain BAD service from local establishments, I was really pleased to not have to sharpen my tongue to answer back anyone last night. I loved that our waiter, Shannon, had an honest opinion of what he would recommend. I hate going to places where the wait staff are just like lumps who tell you "everything is good". Excellent service.

And the food? Oh the food, my lovelies. Let's just say it was as good as it looked. Five stars!

Torcelli with Italian sausages, porcini mushrooms in a light cream and tomato sauce

The a mint sauce

The sexy looking salmon

Panacotta and the most decadent chocolate souffle


  1. Now I am hungry :) sounds like a great place!

  2. So, once I jump on the plane to Trinidad & Tobago, I should put this on the 'To Do' list? Okay! Surprisingly, I'm not an Italian food person -- only in Italy. I know, shocking considering I live in a city with perhaps the largest population of Italian immigrants and 1st and 2nd generation Italians outside of Italy and Sicily. Well, unfortunately, the Italian food gets watered down and "Americanized". *sniff* But, seeing that panacotta alone, is making me salivate! Ciao, Italia! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You must go!!! Call me when yuh going!!! lol

  3. Damn. All those dishes look delish. Especially the salmon. That totally trumps my salad. Waa! Oh, Italy. How I love thee. Your culture, your food, your language, your men... and yes, your soccer players.

    Though if it comes down to Italy vs. Germany in the finals, I know Germany will win ;) XOXO

    I've missed you, girly!

    1. I know. Italy is amazing. I cannot wait to go back. To Italy, I mean...though a trip back to Buzo will be first. lol. Missed you too, you happy lovebird, you.


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