Beach Boys Strike Again

So after a LOT of pulling and tugging with one particular department, which shall remain nameless, I finally got the last of my documentation to go apply for my visa today. I was vex like Rex eh cause after weeks of waiting, of course my budget has now taken a hit cause of course the airfare has now gone up and I still have to wait to see if I get the so and so visa. I have a mind to send an invoice for the additional spend to the people who kept me back so long! But God is good, yes.

So I mosey on over to the Embassy and I was thinking I would be a quick 5 minutes and then be outta there! Had to take...wait for it...public transportation ...cause of the suckage of POS and its no parking and when yuh tief a park, by the time you come back, your car is gone and you have to go hunt it down in the Savannah. That taxi was another story, with the nasty sweaty man who throw his whole fat, big bellied, sweaty self on the brown skin I took my time to lather with Bath and Body Works body wash this morning. But I digress.

Well, I made two very important observations:

1. Trinis have money. When you see them on the tv protesting for salary increase and talking about how their chile cyah eat cause they cannot buy bread - a lie. Because travelling to Europe is not cheap, so I was expecting an empty room or at least 2-3 people. I was NOT expecting to have to stand up after walking in the hot sun, because all the chairs were taken. And as an aside, I also observed that Trini men have no damn manners cause yuh think one of the men sitting on the plush blue chairs would have offered me, obviously hot and frazzled, a seat so I could unfrazzle myself? Think again. I watched one of the men rock back and close his eyes as if to block out the fact that a woman was there standing. I watched him so hard I think his brain must have started to burn. In any event, I did not expect the unwashed masses in the place, that's for sure.

2. With the exception of one family - a dad, his wife and his 2 daughters - it was beach boy fever in there. The one thing about the place is that the conversation between you and the visa officer is not private so when the lady asked the 3 men, including Mr Rock Back, where they going and/or how they met the girlfriend they were going to visit/travel with, the answer was a hattrick - I met her in Tobago when she was on vacation.

So in case you were wondering where the hot spot is for picking up island men, then come on down. And men, if you're looking for a sugar mama to take you on free vacations, put you on their insurance plan so you can travel, and you see Europe 3 times a year even though you may not have a job, then jump on a plane to Tobago. I know it happens elsewhere, but I cannot speak for the rest. I would be farse and bright to do so.

But yes, the "brotha" in the chair could not be bothered with the tired "sista" standing in the corner, cause he was running his nashy fingers through the blondeness of the woman pawing at him in most nauseating fashion. That's why I snickered when he was called to the counter and refused a visa, cause he thought he had it made. And then he kept back productivity by trying to show his true colours in the people place by arguing with the visa officer. Oh gosh, behave yourself!

But I also noticed and I now realise I am on observation #4, that some of these women could not compete with the likes of me (modest I know) and wondered, what on earth...??? I mean...nashy!!! But as they say, every rat has its mouldy cheese and the place was stink of ole cheese.


  1. Girl, you know how many otherwise decent women come to Tobago and leave they good husband who put them in big villa and paying their bills for a beach boy.
    I think is all about the rawness of the men that make them so attractive to these women.
    In most parts of Europe, I think men don't pay appreciation for their women the way men do in Trinidad, its not that these european men do not think that their women are beautiful but when the beach boy 'buss dem' "sweetness how you going" I guess whatever latent tribal energy in their DNA is stirred.
    We are trying to get away from that and they want that. But then they did not have Sparrow to remind them "You can't make love without money, you can't make love on hungry belly"


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