Furry love and two-legged cruelty

I am the girl who cries during that ASPCA commercial, seeing those abused animals. I am the girl who cried during Marley and Me. So this video to me was revolting and upsetting (warning: it's pretty vile and disturbing and I myself cannot watch the entire thing). And it speaks to not only how animals are treated by some people, how the local auhtorities don't regard atrocities such as this as important, but it also speaks to a lot of the social issues inherent in this society that our systems are not addressing adequately, if at all. Clearly this young man has some problems, and the person taping this nasty episode, some words for you - you're not much better.

I hope somehow this youth can be located, because the issues that need addressing run deeper than just abusing a poor stray kitten.

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