Channelling my inner leopard

I think the 2010 mascot for the FIFA World Cup is so hot. I dunno, but Zakumi the footballing leopard reminds me of myself. Don't you think? Spunky, loads of attitude and of course, loves football. I think South Africa did really well to have a fun and likeable mascot where other mascots have crashed and burned.

Reeeeeeeally trying to channel my inner Zakumi this week but it has been a struggle. Still battling a bit of a cough but much much better today. I think old age may be getting the best of me because I used to boast in my blue-skied youth that I never got things like the common cold or flu. This is the second or third time in recent months that I have been sick. Adulthood bites. The stresses and frustrations of work and the hustle of a life crammed into one short weekend have done me in and here I am - a slave to the Theraflu and romancing the pillows early o'clock. The meds were also doing strange things to my stomach and talk about feeling drabulous. Add some other big people life issues and the week has not been a winner. But thank God for World Cup and the England vs USA game this weekend because life seems sunny once more. It's why I suggest that adults also love mascots and shit like sports because we can celebrate that inner child that seems to be suppressed and maimed by the ins and outs of daily and sometimes crappy adult life. But in the end, God is great and things happen as they should. So onward we go. Zakumi, the world and me.

And hey, the leopard and I have one other thing in common. We rock the cat print! Told you, spunky and lots of attitude.

In case you're a fan like me, someone pointed me to this awesome WC calendar. And in case you were confused, I will be supporting England in that match.

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