Netflix - So Evil, but so Good

Life? What is life?
Binge - to excessively indulge in something.

Some of us already participate in excessive behaviours - binge-eating, binge-drinking, chain-smoking, shopping sprees. Then came Netflix and binge tv.

I have been a Netflix subscriber for a few years now but never really actively used it, as I was busy with school, then with work, and in between, busy travelling, socialising and having a life.

Then came Christmas 2014, and my brother came over to the house with the kids and asked why there was no Netflix on the tv. It was still only a cute app on my tablet. In order to keep the kids occupied, he went ahead and added Netflix to the tv,and that was when it all went downhill.

Later when all the family had gone, the dishes were washed and I was all snuggly in my pyjamas, fluffy socks and with a glass of white wine, I sat in front of the tv, turned it on, and since there was nothing besides warm and vomitty fuzzy Christmas specials on, I flicked on Netflix. There in big screen wonder,was the beginning of my binge tv existence.

Over the long holiday weekend, I started in on Downton Abbey, finishing the first two seasons in record time. I have since brought myself up to date, having completed all five seasons on Netflix and via streaming. Then I moved on to The Fall, followed by Luther, and Orange is the New Black.I just today opened up The Killing, after a failed outing with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which is way too looney toons for me.

One of my fave shows is Orange is the New Black

I love me some Idris. DS Justin Ripley and DCI John Luther - Luther is also on Netflix

But Netflix is evil. Plain and simple. You switch it on to watch Episode 3,saying to yourself, after this episode, you will go feed the dog and do something worthwhile with your life. Before you know it, the dog is scratching at the door, the sun has set and you're still on the couch with snacks and on Episode 8, unaware of life around you.

- the act of watching an entire season of a show in one sitting
- a totally valid excuse for avoiding social obligations

How then do you end up on the couch for hours at a time, to the detriment of your friends, family,dinner dates and normal life?

Entertainment minus the wait - TV producers are generally trying to entertain you and keep you on the edge of your seat. You sit and watch an episode of your fave show on Tuesday night, it ends with a hell of a cliffhanger and you go "Ohhhhh snap" but then what? You have no choice but to take off the tv and wait 10,080 minutes til the next episode airs on the next Tuesday night. That can be real agony. With Netflix though, you don't have to endure those 10,080 minutes, or worse, but instead in less than 15 seconds can find out who shot J.R. - well, you know what I mean.

No commercials - Good tv with no interruptions. However, unless you have the emotional willpower to hit Pause, to go use the bathroom or feed the dog or children,this can be a really bad thing as well. lol.

Great tv all in one place - I love the one-stop-shop-ness of Netflix. I can choose to watch a movie or a tv series I may never have watched for one reason or another. I love that Netflix itself has also pushed the envelope with its own shows as well like House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black.  I don't have to resort to watching Lifetime any longer.

It's portable - Physically portable via the fact that when you leave the couch and the SmartTV you can still pick up your fave show on your laptop, tablet or phone.And of course, no matter where you are, you can pick up exactly where you left off.

Take your pick from the treasure chest that is Netflix.

So if you are an amateur at the Netflix hustle, here are some quick tips to note before embarking on a long weekend of quick showers, no human contact and hours and hours of tv and movies.

  • Clear the house or have a Netflix buddy who is also a true believer -Nothing worse than being interrupted during your Netflix marathon
  • Clear the schedule - Do the shopping, sweep the floors,feed the dog, farm out the kids before settling in on your couch with your remote, tablet, laptop or smartphone
  • Make sure you are properly dressed - Comfortable, loose clothing works for me and if it is night time, you must have your blankie.
  • Make sure you have marathon fuel aka food and drink - Netflix snacks are a must. I also like to have a nice wine open and ready to go for those unforgettable tv moments.

I was gutted when I heard that Fox had handed over Empire to Hulu and not Netflix so I am back to lying in bed with my tablet as I catch up on that. Not as fun as sitting on the couch looking at a much larger screen but Empire is as binge-worthy as they come. I have a whole separate post for Cookie Lyon, who is just my everything right now. But Happy Netflixin' this weekend, friends.


  1. I love Netflix, too. We're more comedy folks, though. We watched several seasons of Royal Pains and also The League. Right now my absolute favorite is Brooklyn Nine-Nine...but I think we had to pay iTunes to binge watch this.

    1. I started watching Netflix's newest drama - Bloodline - about 3 hours ago. lol. I am incurable.

  2. Yes to the power of Netflix :) I'm ashamed to admit that I have spent countless hours this winter glued to the TV myself (though in my defense, we've had a lot of snow days and well, that's just a recipe for coach potato'ing, right?). I love love love Orange is the New Black and can't wait for the next season. Also would like to see Empire (though I'm sad it won't be going over to Netflix). I've forced Bryan to watch all episodes of Six Feet--that's my all-time favorite show. Have you seen it? Sadly, it's also not on NF--but it is on Amazon.


    1. I am looking forward to the new season of OITNB as well. Love that show.

  3. Oh how I love binge-watching TV. I thought about doing a post on shows I reco. binge-watching, but then I'd have to admit how much TV I watch between Netflix, Hulu and AZ prime (I cancelled my cable last year). Have you seen Mad Men? I watched 6 seasons on Netflix and felt like I was having a wonderful relationship with my Netflix and Mad Men that waited for me in the evenings and on weekends like a treat!

    1. I just know I will love Mad Men and when I realised it was 6 seasons I knew my life would morph into one big couch orgy which is why I have not even clicked on it. Yet. lol

  4. Oh, binge-watching, now that's some fun! I rarely watch TV by myself, but I've had moments (when sick for a couple or days, or on a kick for walking on the treadmill) where I've binge watched Burn Notice, Leverage, or Pride & Prejudice (the miniseries with Colin Firth). Good times!

    (PS- Found you on BritishMumUSA!)

  5. I don't have Netflix! AAAARGH! And I TOTALLY want to watch Downtown of these days. You have inpsired me to check it out! It's portable? OMG!

  6. I don't have Netflix either. I have a hard time getting anything done now - I'm afraid Netflix wouldn't help that one bit.

  7. Hahaha! I love Netflix. As evil as it is, I love it. I haven't watched many of their original shows yet, but I want to. I mostly watch movies.

  8. I do love Netflix, but it does miss out on a lot of the shows I really love. I'm looking at going back to DirecTV. Well, at least in addition to Netflix! #SITSSharefest

  9. Freaks and Geeks was my first ever binge watch. Then I was on to Breaking Bad. After that show I said I was never going to binge watch again. Fortunately Netflix is only on one tv and my husband hogs that one. I do watch stuff from the app but you're right it's not the same as being on the sofa. Love me some Idris too and I've never scene Luther. Gotta give it a try. I'm coming over from Ray's blog to hello. Nice to 'read' you.

  10. Netflix is addicting! I now only allow myself an hour or two every night... I love Downton Abbey, too :)

  11. Hahahaha, you and the Hubs need to team up, he just finished watching House of Cards, and I have lost count of how many other shows he has binged watched. He usually does this at the studio when he is editing and designing. He hooked the teen last year with Orange is the New Black. I can't do it, I have tried, but I need to be up and doing, and that drives him crazy. So he does it at the office :)



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