Me vs 2015. What's the score after the first quarter?

Cheers to a commendable first quarter!
So the first quarter of the year is almost over and I am reviewing my KPIs.I will admit, it has been a slow start to the year. I looked at my list and while I have not tackled all of them, I have made some inroads into others.

1. Spend more time with the family.
I have been doing a really good job with this. Soon, they will be begging me to go away. I have been getting my mum to try new things/experiences, and just this morning I was greeted by chubby cheeks as the niece and nephew came over. I have been seeing them much more - doing aunty things like taking them to participate in Kiddies' Carnival, taking them for pizza and ice cream, playing 'sling shot' (I enjoyed this more than they did!) and just sitting and watching silly shows that are not on MY Netflix profile but on theirs. I have also been trying to make more time for my friends too. It has been a good start!!

I have more yogurt and fruit, and less ice cream
2. Health and fitness
Well, I have actually put on weight and I don't need to stand on a scale to confirm that. I just know. I know how I have been eating and I know how I have been slacking off at the gym. I know. However, I have taken a bold and almost traumatic step - I have registered for a health and fitness competition at work. It is a Biggest Loser type initiative and while I will confess, the actual prize (though I do not know what it is) is what drew me to it primarily, I know I need something to motivate me. I have found it hard to stay motivated on this for some reason this year. The traumatic part of this is that I am going to have to publicly declare how fat and unfit I am - well, at least to 2 people - the nurse and the dietitian. I neverrrrrr stand on a scale and now I am going to be haunted by that figure and by the fact that others will also know. lol. But over the next 8 weeks I am going to give it a good go, especially as it is a team event and I cannot let my teammates down.

3. Travel
I have not gone anywhere yet but I generally do not travel at this time of the year. But I do have a fair idea where I am going mid-year. This is probably the easiest of all my KPIs and the one that would most likely make anyone who knows me say "duh".

4. Paying it forward
This is an important one. Too often we work, make money, enjoy the fruits of our labour without reflecting on how we got there. On my path to awesomeness, I had an incredible circle of friends and family and people I met along the way, and who have since become gems in my circle. They have all in one way or another been support and comfort through personal and professional milestones. I am nothing without my circle. I also know that even though I may gripe about little things like being tired all the time or being a bit too fat for life, I have been blessed and I do not have any real earth shattering issues. But some young girls start their lives under more challenging economic and social circumstances, and may need someone to be in their circle. So this is why I am on my way to being a Big Sister to a Little Sister in the Big Sister Programme. I am most excited about this. I have always always wanted an opportunity like this and when it presented itself to me at last, I ran with it. I am so happy to be able to write a positive progress report on this KPI and so early in the year!

5. Stretch myself in the kitchen
I love to cook and I cook often, mostly my lunches for work. But I also wanted to try things I have always been less confident about or have never tried before. I tried making croissants once as a teenager and they were like lethal boomerangs. I saw a recipe for pain au chocolat this morning and decided I would try my hand again this weekend. But I have also done some fun things like new flatbreads, stuff involving the dreaded pie crust and been learning how best to cook different kinds and cuts of meats.

Blind baked my pie crust for a lovely spinach and mushroom quiche

6. Blog at least once a week
So far, a resounding success. I have a blog entry for every week of 2015 so far. It is a miracle! It has not been easy, but I have done it! (cue super hero music)

So I know I have to get off Netflix and get a jump on some of the other items on the performance contract and get to work. But so far, hey...doing okay. I will not let 2015 kick my ass.


  1. For the most part, it sounds like you have a good handle on your goals! Good for you...congrats!! I like the variety of goals you included and how they are pretty realistic and attainable! Love that 'pay it forward' is a important, but something so many people forget to do =)

  2. First, KPIs, lol! Do you work in a corporate job? :)

    Second, congrats on signing up to be a Big Sis! I did it years ago and my "little" is now in her early 20s. It's cool seeing her grow up.

    Good job meeting your goals, this is a cool list.

  3. Love that you call your goals KPI's hehehe. Nice job on getting together with the family and not spending to much time on Netflix. We know that you and the Pink suitcase will travel this year, and I look forward to reading that post.
    I did the whole confession of weight and unhealthiness, and it so worked for me, so good luck on that one mate.

    I do have to increase my yoga and all around getting out of the darn chair and moving again. Spring will help that for sure.

    Biggest WaHoo and Bravo are for getting that ONE post up a week. Me to and it feels amazing..... Bravo again mate, good job...


  4. YEAH!!! Congrats ... I too have just been doing a little reflecting on my goals and setting some intentions for the season ahead. We are always to quick to focus on what remains to be done - taking time to note how far we have come is priceless in moving forward. Wishing you fabulous week ahead ...

  5. You're doing awesome! Yay for family time!

  6. I need to blog and travel more, too. That pizza is making me very hungry (again); and I wonder how it is that I've gained so much weight in recent weeks... hmm...

    Also it's great that you're doing a "Biggest Loser" type competition with other people; it helps to have other people accountable when we're trying to reach our goals! XOXO and hope you enjoyed your weekend!


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