The Thing about Christmas...

The thing about Christmas is that it really is for kids. I have found myself being less grouchy now that my nephew is at an age where he is aware of the holiday and can be fully engaged in it. He is such a bubbly, energetic child and he defrosts aunty's chilly heart with his cuteness.

So yes, I was in the mall this weekend, doing Christmas shopping. We had a nice aunty/nephew day yesterday and I will actually be wrapping gifts tonight. Do you know how long it has been since I wrapped a present? I would normally just buy a gift bag and stuff whatever the object of desire was in that. Or just take the victims to choose their gift and let them take it once paid for. Yes. I have come a long way! Lol

The thing about Christmas is that a lot of my fellow marketers like to pigeonhole it as a time for couples, and this works, so the singles usually feel like junk - grumpy in other cases. I am over that now that I am cuter and wiser, but it is a very real malaise for many.

The thing about Christmas is that we have made it a retail monster when it should be about the people. I don't expect presents and hardly ever ask for or get any. I like that it coaxes my relatives from around the world to come home so I can get excited about seeing them and spending time with them. That is the part that negates all the hard work of my fellow marketers. The warm love and rambunction of family is priceless. 

The thing about Christmas is that it is a 5-day weekend for me. Well, 5.5 day weekend. That is the best gift of them all.

Merry Christmas to my 2.5 readers and your loved ones. Give thanks and be happy. That is what it is all about.


  1. It's definitely all about family. Which is why I'm starting to feel bad that I ran away from mine this year.

    1. LOL. we only miss them when we are not with them don't we? hope it was lovely nonetheless my darling, Karen.

  2. It's so nice to have a young one in the family to make you look at the holiday with the excitement and innocence of a child.

    I totally agree… it's becoming less about the meaning of the holiday itself and more about the presents and good God, how much more STUFF do we need anyway? I feel like I tend to sound like such an old geyser b/c I'm sure that at one point, I'd love to spoil my children, too, but you know… kids don't really need much to be happy. And if someone thinks they want an electronic toy over some time with their parents, well, then, maybe it's time for a reality check.

    Oh, HI! Stepping off my soapbox now :)

    Hope you had a very merry Christmas, girl, and that you enjoyed time with family.

    Also, Karen's comment made me LOL.

    1. My nephew fell in love with an Amazon shipping box and not any of the toys he got which is why his best aunty never buys him toys. kids don't want all this stuff...they just want love and boxes!! lol Hope you and the gentleman had a great Christmas, Charlotte. :-)


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