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Living in the Caribbean is probably like living anywhere else, with the same ups and downs. But it does have its own vibe and flavour and gives me a unique perspective on most things. I'm often sarcastic, mostly funny, always looking for a new adventure. I have not boxed myself into any one category of life. I love a lot of things and dislike a lot more. I write about them all.

ABC's Scandal: Fixing the Tragic Life of Singles

Single politician Will Caldwell
and his fixee on ABC's Scandal
Photo credit: Danny Feld/ABC
So like a lot of people nowadays, I sat down with a wafer after Grey's Anatomy, and watched ABC's Scandal. While I am not about to start any arguments about the show, I do want to comment on one thing.

So one of the sub-plots last night was around a Kennedy-esque type candidate for Governor. A driven and committed guy, from the right family background, with the media darling looks. Only one problem - he's single!

So I chuckled throughout the storyline.

1. He's educated, rich, good looking, from one of those families you apparently want to marry into, but the only thing WRONG with him, is he is single. lol. Referring to yesterday's blog post, he is a male leftover, and in political circles, that is a sin! While it was good to see the single man getting abused last night, I am still in the corner of all single people, advocating that it is not a tragedy! Is it??

2. So he's educated, rich, good looking etc, with no wife, no girlfriend, no signs of a woman anywhere - just single and moving along with his little politics hobby, so guess what? He MUST be gay! Yep. Single and with no obvious signs of a relationship, so clearly, you're gay and in the closet. This is real though. This does not only play out on tv! Turns out the guy was not gay but instead just creeping with his sister-in-law for the past decade.

3. Olivia insists that if given ten years, she can get a gay president elected. A gay president with a partner! But not a SINGLE president - gay or otherwise. ROFL. I mean, is there no hope for the singleton?

In the end, things were so bad for this very openly single dude, that they resorted to finding him a fake wife. Yes...a fake wife! So not only does Olivia Pope fix political messes, but she fixes the tragic life of the singleton. The DC matchmaker if you will.

Do you need an Olivia Pope for your tragic single life?

Leftover Syndrome: The Last Single Woman Standing

A fridge full of leftovers. A society of leftovers?
I read this article this morning, and in my "It's 6am and I am already at my desk, sour and annoyed" state of mind, it elicited a bitter laugh.

It refers to the single, educated, urban woman - that woman over the geriatric age of 27 - and whom the Chinese society describes as "leftover women". You know, like that leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, or a leftover roti skin from the weekend get-together.

Well hear what - leftovers rock! Ask anyone who has made a good pelau this question - when is the best time to eat pelau? The answer: The day after. Leftover pelau. Hey, microwaves have made leftovers a Godsend, so China - bite me!

This whole notion of there being an age limit to marriage for WOMEN really grinds me. The Trini parlance is that you, the unmarried woman age 25 and up, are on the shelf, while all the other kids have been placed in the trolley and have been checked out by the cashier. Is there an expiration date guiding singledom? Is there a cut off date before you need to go buy knitting needles and adopt some shelter cats and get a t-shirt that says "Gnarly, Bitter Spinster"? And why are there no leftover men? Why this bias?

This is stupid. Okay, just stupid.

This part of the article was interesting and funny though.

Some local governments in China have taken to organising matchmaking events where educated young women can meet eligible bachelors.

How bizarre. Is there a Minister of Matchmaking? Ministry of Cupid? Can you imagine? Social programmes to ensure the best men and women get together and make some cute, bright kids. This is apparently as a result of the government actually wanting the leftover women - the creme de la creme of the society - to procreate. So we have come full circle, where the women being maligned are the women in demand to ensure the bright future of the society. Leftovers are awesome!

Of Love and Lent

No Men Allowed - 40 Day Rule!
So I have failed already at my 2013 commitment to be a better blogger. I will admit to you fine people that 2013 has not been a happy, shiny time so far. I did not have a stellar end to 2012 and 2013 started with that yucky after taste which for some reason, I have yet to properly rinse out. But I won't be trolling through that bog here in the blog. Instead...

Let's talk about two "significant" observances. Firstly, Valentine's Day. Though it has come and gone (thankfully), I feel I must state my annoyance with this day and how it tends to isolate single people. As if planning a vacation as a single person is not bad enough, with their lack of specials for single travellers, thus forcing one to pay for that useless double occupancy special offer, the annual promotion of love, and sweet nothingness can also be a real ball buster.

Then there's Lent. As you should know, Lent is that period observed by many Christian denominations as a time for prayer and fasting, leading up to Good Friday. A lot of the die-hards fast from meat, and/or all animal products. Others give up vices such as alcohol - I tend to give up alcohol though I seem to have fallen off the Lenten wagon, and again, this is part of my lack of focus so far for the year. Other vices listed by friends include

  • Chocolate - how is this ever a vice?? 
  • The internet - good luck with that Facebook stalkers 
  • Mobile/smartphones - a direct follow on from the above. Good luck Whatsappers and Instagrammers
  • Cussing - road ragers will be fun to watch with this one

And then one bright girlfriend decided that the only way to really purge her soul was to give up men for the 40-day fasting period. Men.

  • Men - definitely in the "vice" category; maddening and often toxic; at the same time, can be almost (almost) as good as chocolate (but always a bridesmaid, never a bride)

Her fast will cover abstinence from male admirers, dates, including group dates, flirting, Facebook stalking.

What do you think? Do you think she will be saved??

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