Each Day Gets Better...Eventually

It's been a week since I have been back home and it's not been a good week. At all. Among one of the disasters of the return was a car accident on Saturday. My mum and I were going out as I had mentioned in my last post, and it was meant to be a good day. All the great plans for the afternoon went down the toilet when the clown behind us decided it would be wise to try to pick something off the floor while the car was in "Drive". Really clever, isn't he? Anyway, thank God for seatbelts.

I made this wallpaper yesterday for my desktop to remind myself that things get better.


  1. Oh no!!!
    Really....... He was DRIVING and bent down to pick something up???? Unbelievable!!
    Anyways I am glad that you and your mum are safe and sound.
    This is why I will probably never ever drive in Trinidad. It is heart attack inducing.

  2. Often it seems people today view driving as an interruption to their texting & other activities in the car - like it's a huge inconvenience to actually be behind the wheel. Glad you are OK - hope your time home yields a few pleasures otherwise! xo

  3. Some people. :( Glad to hear that you're alright. Hope things start looking up for you.

  4. That is my worse fear. Having an accident in a rental. Glad to hear everybody is alright. That's what matters.

    What cute puppy. Makes me want one!

  5. Sorry to hear about your car accident. Thank goodness no one was seriously injured.

  6. Oh my gosh. I was all set to express my concern for you after that accident, but then you distracted me with an adorable puppy.

    I really DO hope you're okay, though!

  7. Oh no! So sorry to hear about the accident :( That's awful, but thank god you are all alright.

    EEEEEEEEEEEP! That PUPPY!!!! Awwwww. So cute. Thanks for brightening up my day a bit :)


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