Clean and Shiny

Pablo enjoying some scented candle lovin'
So two weeks later and I still have not unpacked my suitcases and I am living on the bare minimum. But I did do some minor cleaning and after throwing out some junk, I dug up a scented candle to seal the deal on my efforts. Nothing makes you feel like you've done some worthwhile cleaning than a scented candle!

It's been an unsettling time - unsettling in the sense that I should be in transition from student to job hunter to high heeled professional, but there are so many other things going on that I feel I am in limbo. Nevertheless, God is great. Though I could, if I wanted just a salary, stop worrying about my professional life and sit back, I won't. Though life is never as clean and shiny as my entertainment centre is today, it should bring you some measure of contentment and satisfaction and less anxiety and annoyance. So there you go! And I know and believe that I will get what I am looking for. I am owning that watch out, world.

Happy Friday, kids.


  1. I think the beauty of transition is allowing us to observe how it is changing us...if not learn how we want it to change us. Oh, hell, you know what I mean...I was just reading blogs with diagrams in them...nothing cerebral. Wishing you love and light during this time and I look forward to see where this takes you, fine lady! xo

  2. Pabloooooooooo!!!! :)

    *hugs* and *spirit sprinkles*

  3. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, love. So glad to be back here--I've seriously missed you!

    I know about that limbo stage (I feel like I'm living it myself these days). Try not to take on everything at once, but tackle one thing at a time as you see fit. I'm sure it'll all work out! Rooting for you, girl. *HUGS*


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