Channelling my Inner Lindsay Lohan

Li-Lo being carted off to jail today after her probation
was revoked.
Photo credit: Reuters
So Lindsay Lohan has gotten herself carted off to jail again. Shocker. Someone get this girl a spiritual advisor. At  the same time, I was myself in the dirty arms of the law this morning, being fingerprinted. And while my fingerprint session was completely innocent, it's still a pretty grimy business isn't it? What made it worse, was the sourpuss female officer who "rough up" mih hand as she ten-printed me, and then did not even offer washroom services so I could scrub off the nasty, germy fingerprint ink off my fingers. Why anyone would want to endure the trials of a police station more than absolutely necessary is beyond me. C'mon Lindsay...behave yourself.

However, I am on probation. Food probation. Since returning home, I have been a woman on a mission - an "eat everything in sight" mission. All the foods I had been missing while in London, I made it my duty to find and devour without fear or favour. It did not help that it was raining all day, every day, I have no car and no enthusiasm to do much of anything. Food was the answer.

But I soon recognised the error of my ways and have now resigned myself to food probation - healthier eating and exercise. I got some cereals, yogurt, green tea and soy milk to replace roti and daiquiris, almonds for chocolate cake and coconut drops, and today I made my very first attempt ever at hummus. I mean, you cannot go wrong with protein-packed hummus, made at home, without all the fat in store-bought versions. It also helps that I have no idea where one would get store bought hummus in Trinidad. Anyway, I had fun making my own tahini ( was not fun), roasting my red peppers and garlic and whipping up my roasted red pepper hummus to have with some Crix and a cup of green tea.

It looks chunky here but it was really smooth and creamy
Foodie felon, I am. Tired.


  1. Fingerprinting is not something I am interesting in experiencing for criminal purposes, and I too wish Lindsey would get her sh*t together. As for your food probation, good luck and stay gets easier!

  2. Lindsey needs more than a spiritual adviser. This girl racking up a wrap sheet longer than a drug dealer. I feel bad for her because of the childhood she had. Yea, she became famous but behind the camera she had to deal with an abusive and alcoholic father. Then she had the pressure of taking care of her mom and siblings.

  3. Tired or not, that looks delish. And how about digital fingerprints? No mess, no fuss, no wretched clean up other than to disinfect. It's a thing of beauty.

  4. Yeah, here in LA we have digital fingerprints. Can't go messing with the starlet's precious hands now, can we?

    And that hummus looks yummy. I want some.

  5. Your hummus looks amazing!!!! I keep meaning to make some myself; always better than store bought.

    I don't even know what to say about Lindsey anymore. But I do *kind of* feel bad for her (gasp, I know. I can't believe I just said that either). But I think her parents have royally screwed that girl up.

  6. This would probably be something good to read again and I frequently fall off the bandwagon! Good to visit you from SITS today.


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