ABC's Scandal: Fixing the Tragic Life of Singles

Single politician Will Caldwell
and his fixee on ABC's Scandal
Photo credit: Danny Feld/ABC
So like a lot of people nowadays, I sat down with a wafer after Grey's Anatomy, and watched ABC's Scandal. While I am not about to start any arguments about the show, I do want to comment on one thing.

So one of the sub-plots last night was around a Kennedy-esque type candidate for Governor. A driven and committed guy, from the right family background, with the media darling looks. Only one problem - he's single!

So I chuckled throughout the storyline.

1. He's educated, rich, good looking, from one of those families you apparently want to marry into, but the only thing WRONG with him, is he is single. lol. Referring to yesterday's blog post, he is a male leftover, and in political circles, that is a sin! While it was good to see the single man getting abused last night, I am still in the corner of all single people, advocating that it is not a tragedy! Is it??

2. So he's educated, rich, good looking etc, with no wife, no girlfriend, no signs of a woman anywhere - just single and moving along with his little politics hobby, so guess what? He MUST be gay! Yep. Single and with no obvious signs of a relationship, so clearly, you're gay and in the closet. This is real though. This does not only play out on tv! Turns out the guy was not gay but instead just creeping with his sister-in-law for the past decade.

3. Olivia insists that if given ten years, she can get a gay president elected. A gay president with a partner! But not a SINGLE president - gay or otherwise. ROFL. I mean, is there no hope for the singleton?

In the end, things were so bad for this very openly single dude, that they resorted to finding him a fake wife. Yes...a fake wife! So not only does Olivia Pope fix political messes, but she fixes the tragic life of the singleton. The DC matchmaker if you will.

Do you need an Olivia Pope for your tragic single life?


  1. Yes, actually I would. Right about now I'd take some guidance from Patti Stanger!

    Great post, XO

    1. LOL. I think I better find her number. I wonder what she charges. :)

  2. Couldn't resist a Scandal title. Stopped by from the Sharefest! Scandal is my number 1 show & I think it is what it is. A woman can get away with that, but society doesn't usually allow men to be good looking, successful, and single for too long into their thirties without calling them gay..they have to have some sign of at least dating. I thought the part of him not dating at all was unrealistic. Women do that dumb crap but men will usually have a few things going on even if they are dating a married woman. Ok, girl happy sharing!

    1. That is very true. He needed to keep a bit of tail about the place. Maybe he is totally devoted! lol

  3. I don't really watch the show, but I enjoyed this recap, and it actually made me want to go back and watch the episode.

    Will us singles ever get a break??

  4. We need to start a singles revolution, Karen! lol

  5. Oy. There really is a f*cked up notion that there is wrong with people who just aren't in a relationship, when this couldn't really be further from the truth. I mean, isn't there something MORE wrong with two people in a joyless, sexless marriage (or relationship) than with a very successful single man/woman who maybe just is taking his/her time to find the right one? What's wrong with people?!


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