Of Love and Lent

No Men Allowed - 40 Day Rule!
So I have failed already at my 2013 commitment to be a better blogger. I will admit to you fine people that 2013 has not been a happy, shiny time so far. I did not have a stellar end to 2012 and 2013 started with that yucky after taste which for some reason, I have yet to properly rinse out. But I won't be trolling through that bog here in the blog. Instead...

Let's talk about two "significant" observances. Firstly, Valentine's Day. Though it has come and gone (thankfully), I feel I must state my annoyance with this day and how it tends to isolate single people. As if planning a vacation as a single person is not bad enough, with their lack of specials for single travellers, thus forcing one to pay for that useless double occupancy special offer, the annual promotion of love, and sweet nothingness can also be a real ball buster.

Then there's Lent. As you should know, Lent is that period observed by many Christian denominations as a time for prayer and fasting, leading up to Good Friday. A lot of the die-hards fast from meat, and/or all animal products. Others give up vices such as alcohol - I tend to give up alcohol though I seem to have fallen off the Lenten wagon, and again, this is part of my lack of focus so far for the year. Other vices listed by friends include

  • Chocolate - how is this ever a vice?? 
  • The internet - good luck with that Facebook stalkers 
  • Mobile/smartphones - a direct follow on from the above. Good luck Whatsappers and Instagrammers
  • Cussing - road ragers will be fun to watch with this one

And then one bright girlfriend decided that the only way to really purge her soul was to give up men for the 40-day fasting period. Men.

  • Men - definitely in the "vice" category; maddening and often toxic; at the same time, can be almost (almost) as good as chocolate (but always a bridesmaid, never a bride)

Her fast will cover abstinence from male admirers, dates, including group dates, flirting, Facebook stalking.

What do you think? Do you think she will be saved??


  1. No, she will not be saved! LOL! That's so funny. Not even flirting? Oh well, she can try.

    Yeah, I know what you mean. The travel world isn't geared to single people and Valentine's Day can be a drag, but if you have a single friend or a bunch of single friends, you can make it a fun night out eliminating the feelings of isolation and forcing you to head home to a meal-for-one. This year, I hung out with a friend and we had a great time. Actually, I spoke with a few people the day after who were coupled, they basically had nothing much to say about what they did -- other than maybe they went to dinner, and if they had kids, they just went home and did their normal routine. My friend and I had dinner, drinks and went out to enjoy a live band -- part two of a night that was music and dancing. I'd say, we had more fun than those with significant others!

    1. If only my single friends here were fun! lol

  2. Friend, as a married Christian (and a gal who wasn't either, very recently, as you know), I can say with 100% confidence that both practices are bizarre and non-productive. First of all, Valentine's day? Really? If my man doesn't find me worthy of flowers and expensive meals 365/year, then feasting me on 2/14 won't help. It's a silly holiday based on some horribly violent martyrdoms (not a word, but you know what I mean). I choose not to feed the corporate greed behind it. And lent? I guess, my faith tells me to ask how many people REALLY understand the point of fasting. I think most don't. If there's a true vice in your life - a source of great pain and loss and loneliness - fasting for a few weeks won't solve those problems. I went on a self-imposed man-ban a few years ago. It lasted 17 months. It was aimed at breaking my need for male companionship. It worked...and as soon as I didn't NEED it, I found a much more healthy version of it.

    Glad to read (hear) your voice tonight, friend!

  3. Agree. Agree. Agree. Valentine's in itself is so superficial, it is hardly worth commenting on further and I have observed that Lent becomes that time when people think, "hey, I can fast and find salvation after 40 days", without recognising the true significance of the period or without making more sustainable and deeper changes in their lives. A man fast though - I found it hilarious.

  4. Lady, it is is funny...and smart! Like I said, I embarked on a man fast for well over a year. People would try to set me up and I would say "nope....man-ban". Honestly it was tough, but the BEST thing I ever did. I'm pulling for her!

    1. I have not gone on a conscious ban but it sure is some kinda fast! lol

  5. Ahahaha, good luck! I mean it. Sometimes I wish I could give up the mister for Lent!

    I felt incredibly blessed when y daughter was born on Valentine's Day so we could focus all on her and I could stop being kind of miffed that the mister is like, oh, consumer holiday, I love you all year long. Sure, yeah. Then where are my random Wednesday chocolates?

    1. LOL. I feel you on the random chocolates. I am so glad your daughter is a Valentine's Baby...that's a whole lot of love, girl!!

  6. Valentine's day is dumb. Always has been, always will be.

    I like the idea of Lent, but we don't practice it in my church and I'm glad. We already give up everything that could conceivably be considered a vice.

  7. Call me selfish but I want it all. Yes I want to be pampered on Valentines Day because no matter how superficial it is to some it can still be meaningful and romantic to each couple. I also refuse to give up anything for lent as life is way too enjoyable to be giving up the stuff I love. So bring on the roses and the chocolate and the men....I'm ready :-)

  8. OH wow!! Nice. I went on my own personal man fast for a 18 months when I served a mission for the Mormon church. No flirting, dating, boyfriends or even phone calls home for a year and a half.

    Needless to say, the boyfriend I left behind didn't wait for me and it was one of the best decisions of my life. All the best to your friend.

    Also, sorry to hear about your rough start this year. If you're ever in Utah, look me up and we'll get the fun single gals together for a night out.

  9. I think that's awesome. She may find that when she shifts her focus to other things, that her life may be more peaceful without worrying about finding a romantic relationship.


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