Leftover Syndrome: The Last Single Woman Standing

A fridge full of leftovers. A society of leftovers?
I read this article this morning, and in my "It's 6am and I am already at my desk, sour and annoyed" state of mind, it elicited a bitter laugh.

It refers to the single, educated, urban woman - that woman over the geriatric age of 27 - and whom the Chinese society describes as "leftover women". You know, like that leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, or a leftover roti skin from the weekend get-together.

Well hear what - leftovers rock! Ask anyone who has made a good pelau this question - when is the best time to eat pelau? The answer: The day after. Leftover pelau. Hey, microwaves have made leftovers a Godsend, so China - bite me!

This whole notion of there being an age limit to marriage for WOMEN really grinds me. The Trini parlance is that you, the unmarried woman age 25 and up, are on the shelf, while all the other kids have been placed in the trolley and have been checked out by the cashier. Is there an expiration date guiding singledom? Is there a cut off date before you need to go buy knitting needles and adopt some shelter cats and get a t-shirt that says "Gnarly, Bitter Spinster"? And why are there no leftover men? Why this bias?

This is stupid. Okay, just stupid.

This part of the article was interesting and funny though.

Some local governments in China have taken to organising matchmaking events where educated young women can meet eligible bachelors.

How bizarre. Is there a Minister of Matchmaking? Ministry of Cupid? Can you imagine? Social programmes to ensure the best men and women get together and make some cute, bright kids. This is apparently as a result of the government actually wanting the leftover women - the creme de la creme of the society - to procreate. So we have come full circle, where the women being maligned are the women in demand to ensure the bright future of the society. Leftovers are awesome!


  1. Oh god, there is so no age limit on marriage, or the notion that you even have to in the first place. yeesh, I am newly turned 25, and I certainly don't feel like I've reached my expiry date! or that I will anytime soon! And I am having leftovers for dinner tonight, and I can't wait!

  2. LOL! You told China to bite you. *rollicking*

  3. I feel like I'm the leftovers. I think it's a pretty good analogy in some places.

    That being said, I know plenty of people who didn't find their right person until their 40s. Age limit? Whatever!

  4. I heart you :)

    I am 33 and not yet married. But you know what? I don't care. China can bite me, too.

    I remember going to my friend's wedding (granted, it was an arranged marriage) and hearing the pastor say he has waited a "long, long, long, long" (this went on awhile) "time for this." Uhm, homegirl was 24 years old. Cut the girl some slack. It was ridiculous and made me feel embarrassed. For my girlfriend and every other woman who is made to feel bad for taking their time before rushing into marriage.


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