The Men of the World Cup, for the ladies

So the World Cup kicks off today and though I am a true football fan, I am also a woman and I have girlfriends who don't care about the game or formations or goals. Just the players. Just some hot hard body, so different from the beer bellied signifcant other next to you on the couch, and the best part is - he is too wrapped up in the game to see you drooling. So here are some of the players you ladies should look for over the next month.

Though I am NOT a USA fan, this dude is hot. Carlos Bocanegra. Sweet Lord...where can I get one?

The Italian man. Mmm. Fabio Canavarro. (yummy)

Another hot Italian. Lord have mercy. Claudio Marchisio.

The Algerians are WELL represented by this chocolate decadence. Habib Bellaid. Thanks Kay. He is so cute. Nah dread...he sweet.

From the Spanish side, Cesc Fabregas. Love how that name just rolls off the tongue too. Fabregas.

He kinda looks like 12, and is not too far from it, but he's cute still. Gregory Van der Wiel of the Netherlands. My inner cougar is roaring.

Youann Gourcruff will kick off for the Les Bleus.

After some resistance, I have decided to add pretty boy Thierry. The Frenchman would do better to play fairly during this tournament though.

From Team Ghana, and for Bingi, Kevin Prince Boateng.

The Brazilians, thank God, have Kaka. Ronaldinho is great but he will not be missed by the female gapers.

I am not too enthralled by him, and I think he is too cocky, but the women seem to love him. Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo.

And he shall be missed. Becks!

Who would you add to this list?


  1. How can we forget Thierry Henry (France), and the adorable Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon) just because he's cute. ANd there is Kevin Prince Boateng (Ghana) - young, rugged and very tattoed, but i see a very bright sexy future!!!

    All props to my black men.

  2. I will not lie. Thierry's photo is right here in the folder on my desktop. The second photo is his but I dunno...he disappointed me, man. Felt it hard to put him up. Eto'o is not my brand of cute, but recommendation is noted. And I just forgot about Boateng. He is hot. I will add him. Thierry staying in the folder. lol.

  3. Yum! (That Youann guy is a cutie)

  4. He is, Kate. There are a lot more but I only have so much time to idle on the blog. lol.

  5. A plethora of World Cup yumminess!! Ghana's Prince is a hottie and he's gone to the top of my list after his contribution to send the US packing!!


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