You just cannot please black people

You just cannot please people and if I was aiming to please people I would have gone crazy by now. First it was

- You putting on some size.
- You getting fat, girl.

Now it's

- What happen to you? You stressed? How you getting small so?
 You're not looking your usual rosy self.

Seriously?? lol.

I am not the most patient person. I attribute my road rage to this lack of patience. I also attribute fitness frustrations to this lack of patience. You watch shows like Celebrity Fit Club and see these fat celebs losing like 15 pounds in a week and you want to lose 15 lbs in a week too. But I know I hate diets that tell me I have to eat 3 Crix a day and a carrot for lunch and nonsense like that. And I do not have a personal trainer on contract, though I have one on speed dial, because I know my schedule and it is best not to set up busy people on days when I cannot help if I have to work late. So if it takes me a month to lose those 15lbs, or maybe 2 months, it's good for me and how I live. I have come to terms with this reality.

I have no idea if I have lost 5 or 15, because I still believe the scale is an evil, evil device, but my pants are no longer screaming at the seams and I don't have to buy new clothes because what I own now don't fit anymore, thank God. And I am not craving anything bitterly. If I want a cheese puff, I go buy a cheese puff. Okay, maybe three and not just one. But I just don't overdo the bakery love and I am trying my best not to eat on the run, which is my problem. I am used to having meals in the car, on the road, speeding to some destination. That's not healthy at all. And I am a bit more disciplined with my gym sessions. Not the best, because I said I would go yesterday after the ice cream dinner the night before (eating on the run) and I did not go because I was dead tired (was in bed by 7pm), but better than before, which was going "never" a week. But I was up at 3.45 on a Saturday and on the way to the gym to make up for yesterday's dismal showing, even though I felt sick as hell this morning. So I do well to make things right. For a few months, I did not care and though I knew I was a brown dumpling, I was too tired to be bothered. But between mean, farse Trinis and their "you think it helps, but it doesn't" comments and tight just decided it was time to stop the foolishness and here I am, stopping it.

And I am happy, which is the most important thing. I don't want to be skinny. I will never be skinny. I was born to be bootylicious and curvy. I just want to be comfortable and healthy and feel like my usual hot self. Well, I always feel hot, so I guess I mean, hotter. That's it.

I also have a slice of chocolate cake in the fridge. Oh yes. C-A-K-E. Not a carrot. Not sugarless rice cakes. But an honest to goodness slice of Puff n Stuff chocolate cake which I intend to share with the mum during the football later. Yeah...what you gonna say about it??

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