One other thing about P90X

I just want to go back briefly to my Friday experience with my P90X DVD. I really have to give BIG kudos to whoever came up with the concept for the Polymetrics DVD. What's so special about it you ask? Well, there were 2 test group guys - 2 regular guys. But one of them had a prosthetic leg. I totally applauded him for being such a fitness star and not letting it hinder his physical activity. But lemme tell you, superstar or not, when I felt the burn, I said to myself, If this dude with one leg can do this ish, why am I sitting, breathing hard on my fitness ball? Nah man. He inspires a new and special kinda shame in you that you just HAVE to pick yourself up and push til the end. I know without a doubt if the one-legged dude was not in that DVD, I would have hit the Stop button after the warm up. lol. I cannot remember his name now but thanks buddy.

The gym was a total zoo yesterday. I guess everyone who could not be bothered to go over the long weekend thought it would be a good idea to try to work off the chips and beers from the various long weekend activities. I hate going to the gym when it is that crowded and I was not a happy camper. Especially when this one woman and her trainer thought it would be cool to do her personal training, which required her to go from machine to machine after a set. I am there, sitting on the hip adductor machine, pushing weight, and she comes up to ask me if I am almost finished. WTF! No, I am not. Oh, she wants to do her set. How is that my problem? I started to wonder if I had free membership and was at the mercy of paying members or something. She stayed there and stood over me, almost rushing me to get off. I was annoyed to say the least. Do this kinda thing when the gym is empty, not when everyone else is jamming you up for equipment. I mean, I try to be considerate and not take extended breaks when I know other people are waiting, but she was just ridiculous and annoying. She just had to wait, and that was that. I had an obligation to my hips that I had to keep.

Today is my last work day for the week. Can I get a woot!woot!?


  1. i hate the zoo gym days, Mondays are the worse at my gym. But i quietly ignorant when one of the gym rats come harassing me to come off the machine i tell them yeah yeah i have one more set, then do it slow, take a break find a good song on my ipod. Listen it have other machines in the gym you dont have to use this machine at this time the world will not end if u have to use another machine. I have alot of gym rage. and then it more irriates me when they get the machine and they lifting one weight and doing it wrong.

  2. I have gym rage as well and came to this realisation yesterday, especially when you are waiting for a machine and one of the posers idling on it, talking to fellas. Just get off and take your romance to the side, please. This is why I love going on Friday afternoons. It may seem sad and anti-social to be in a gym on a Friday instead of in a bar somewhere, but this is why. lol.


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