I can never write a cookbook, but I CAN cook!

Thanks T&TEC, after I carefully selected my ingredients in my neighbourhood Hi-Lo*, for spoiling what was supposed to be an awesome night of culinary therapy. I was in the middle of cutting veggies to put into the steamer, to go along with the simply devastating chicken I had in the oven, and some Indian influenced peas, when ....boom...darkness. I was so vex! And power never came back, so I had to literally tote my bedroom with me this morning, including my iron so I would not look disheveled and rumpled. I had no choice but to finish my peas by candlelight and BOIL (ugh) my carrots because manual steaming was just going to take too long. I was already late...having to rummage for my life in the dark.

Thanks T&TEC!!! Thanks!

Though it was too dark to photograph my chicken in its just finished, bubbly glory, I thought I would just share my last minute creation with you. As the blog title suggests, I am not good with metrics, so go with God if trying this recipe. Note this is a bachelorette kinda dish, meaning it was a serving of one, so the metrics listed are for same. If you have husband, man, chile or spoilt four legged creatures, you will need more chicken and thus more of everything else.

Diva Chicken Curry (even though technically there is no curry in it)

You will need:

Chicken - whichever cuts are your favourites.
Cumin, or geera (ground) - whichever name suits your fancy
Garlic, grated - as much as your tastebuds can stand. I love garlic!
Chopped tomatoes
1 tsp Tomato ketchup
1 tsp olive oil or as Rachael Ray would say EVOO
2-3 tsps coconut milk powder - just for flavour. Coconot milk is fattening!!!
Fresh green seasoning or if you're lazy, the seasoning in the bottle from Hi-Lo. I used both!
Salt and black pepper to taste

1. Season your chicken with your green seasoning. Rub chicken with ground cumin and let stand.
2. Mix your coconut milk powder with 7-8 tbsp of hot water
3. Add garlic, black pepper, tomatoes, salt and ketchup to coconut milk.
4. Grease baking dish with olive oil and place your chicken in dish.
5. Pour your coconut milk mixture over the chicken
6. Cover dish with foil and bake at (it was too dark to see the temperature) for 1 hour.
7. I am having my chicken with (what was supposed to be steamed) carrots, and masala lentils. Lunch of a high heeled, albeit disgruntled champ!

The chicken was a winner though. I topped myself...even in the dark! If you do try it, even with the mangled instructions, let me know how it comes out.

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