One month later

Gym membership is due today. After a month, I still don't look like Tyra but there has been some change. I have long since done away with scales because I truly believe they are evil devices. Instead I use clothing as a benchmark. For example, the reason the outfit I am wearing today came about (cute shirt with a knit vest) was because the shirt was fantastically tight one morning (I mean TIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!), and the vest was aimed at covering the gut and the busting-out-ness. This morning I still wore the vest cause I liked how the shirt and vest looked together, but I did not need the vest at all. In fact I was looking for a cute belt to accessorise the shirt, but had no time so stuck with the vest. So things are happening. I steamed and then roasted some chicken last night, cooked some peas and made a veggie and whole wheat pasta salad, minus the mayo. No celery sticks and cucumber lunches here. I keep the inspiration alive with this fantastic image of myself in a few weeks, walking off British Airways flight whatever, sashaying through Immigration with the dude waiting for me with open arms - and I am sashaying. Not waddling. Well, I never waddle...but you know what I mean.

No woman likes weight gain, unless you actually need to put some weight on, and I have had some luggage stop me from living (albeit briefly) a couple times. I met an old friend a couple weeks ago and invited her out and she said she was not really socialising much (what she meant to say was AT ALL) because she did not want people to see how fat she had gotten. Add no job to this and this is a true recipe for depression and disaster. But at least she is making efforts on both fronts. And women can be brutal. Even though you may recognise that you have added some roughage to the hips and thighs, no woman wants reminding of the fact. Nothing is as annoying as "You're putting on weight" or "Look how fat you got!" Really? I am? Wow...did not know this.

I mean, it's the first thing any woman notices. Too-tight pants and shirts that cannot button are not signs of starvation. We know when we are packing it on so no need to remind us, thanks. This is most likely the reason my friend does not want to go out and do things she normally would have done - because of the comments and the stares and advice from not so well meaning women about not drinking soda and juice, and not eating after 6 etc. It's hard enough trying to get it off, but to have to deal with silly people always talking about it like there is nothing else going on with you besides the L.Bs is just downright difficult.

But my favourite saying ever, courtesy of my girlfriend is Weight you can lose. Ugly and dotish (stupid) are for keeps. Stuck it on my mirror for good measure...just in case I need to remind anyone.

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