I do in fact read the news

Before there was ever Samantha Jones, my hero, there was Blanche Devereaux and it was with great sadness I read that Rue McLanahan, the actress who brought Blanche into our homes had passed away. I loved that show. Though I am not like my dad who still watches the re-runs for like the millionth time, an episode of Golden Girls always made me laugh. I always had an appreciation for the uninhibited Blanche - for making pensioners sexy and for showing women that sex does not end with babies. You can be sexy and desirable way past 50 and keep the young girls hoppin'. Awww....RIP Blanche.

So on days off, I have a rare luxury - reading the paper and 2 things repulsed me immensely in the news.

1. A man killed himself here yesterday, apparently via hanging. Did the Newsday really need to show the photo of the man's body swinging from the rope? I don't care that it was printed on an inside page. It's just another example of this paper taking liberties with people's emotions and tastes. It was in poor taste.

2. This dude who was and still is a suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway is now a suspect in the murder of a young girl in Peru. Why is this guy still breathing in the free world? I hope now authorities will have evidence to put this dude away forever...if they can ever find him now. edit: Just reading the news, and they got him. Time for this psycho to get what's due to him.

My holiday has been quiet this far. I could not believe how many people were at the gym this morning. I would have thought people would be wrapped up under the sheets with their husbands or wives, but no...they were at the gym on a holiday. Of course, this could mean that these are the single people but if so, then God help single women across the country.


  1. Oh so sad to hear of 'Blanche's' passing I am married and if there was a holiday I would choose an hour at the gym to reclaim my sanity because a holiday means you have husband and kids to cook clean and look after all day long!!!!!

  2. The voice of a real wife! Noted!


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