Boys and Beans

Cooking after a long day at work, and then after sitting another couple hours in traffic is a real buzzkill, when all you want to do is take a shower, and get snuggly. It's no wonder I don't yet have a husband and some brown kids, because they would starve and be dead...or put to work in the kitchen! But I came home and if I am to stick to a healthy lunch tomorrow, I am going to have to cook it myself, or risk eating some bacteria infested junk from the food courts in Port of Spain. Luckily I steamed enough veggies last night so I just need to cook some peas. But oh,  I am tired. This World Cup will be the death of me. Any rest I should have gotten this weekend went up in a poof of football smoke. I watched all 3 games yesterday and missed the Sunday afternoon nap and still went to bed after 10, so yeah...not bubbly smurf or Iron Chef smurf at the moment.

But as an aside, though they will most likely not win the World Cup, especially after the beating they took yesterday, I just want to congratulate the Australian team for being such a good looking, well dressed bunch. Your kits were unique, stylish and sexy.

So I opened a tin of peas. Just a small note to Happi - I was not happy after opening this can, because it specfically said light red kidney beans, which is what I specifically wanted because they cook better and more importantly, faster. These beans were NOT light red. If I get to bed late because of these dark red beans, I want my money back!

I enjoy cooking but it has been a long time since I put down a spread. These days I mostly cook for myself and then it's quick and easy things and if I am lucky, a one pot meal. Soups are easiest. No mess, no stress. Dinner today was a pop in the microwave (in this case, pop in the pot to boil cause still gots no microwave) 4-minute Nissin noodle meal. Life saver, lemme tell you. I can look past the MSG and sodium on days like this. Reminds me of my university days - one pot meals and microwave dinners. Not the most exciting meals but when you wake up at 3.20am, they are the most convenient. I have also not had a manicure or facial in months, so it's sufferation right across the board.

Maybe I will decompress this weekend with some cooking. Some damn it to hell, beatdown, put me in house cooking! And football...let's not forget the football.

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