When Technology Fails...

My laptop at work has been on the fritz for days now. It's maddening because I cannot think of anything that I do that does not require the use of my laptop. This technology thing is really debilitating if you think about it. Luckily for my sanity the only thing that seems to work on it is the internet, hence this entry. Nothing else. So while I waited for IT to try to sort me out and restore productivity, I decided to take a walk into the city centre.

Bad idea. Always a bad idea. First the sun was raging hot, and no matter how cute you may look to others, you know the personal discomfort you're feeling. Even with the ballet shoes, I did not enjoy the walk, the sun, the slow moving pedestrians in front of me, the smell.

Second, and Facebook friends will recognise this gem, as per yesterday afternoon's status update!

Yes. I walked to the bakery and got me some cheese puffs, which were supposed to be for the road to stave off maddening post-work, pre-gym hunger. I bought 5 and shamefully I will tell you now, I ate them all already. lol. There is a reason I don't go to that bakery. That little carb demon between my fingers is the reason. But it is now added motivation to shake off fatigue and get my puff loving ass to the gym later. Good thing they are bite sized, but why did I buy 5? Sounded like a nice round number.

Thirdly...oh God. The horror. I took a walk through some of these downtown shops and was reminded why I don't shop downtown. Can someone tell me if leopard print tights are in fashion? Because they were everywhere - and not just leopard, but tiger and other jungle creature prints. I had seen that girl who was trying to find Chilli a man in a pair or jungle tights and in her case it was especially horrific as you can see below.

I did find a really gorgeous black print (non-cat print) dress, but between the bag of puffs in my hand, my reluctance to do the whole trying on clothes thing and the fact that I have other clothes priorities right now, in which that particular swanky dress does not fall, I left it on the rack. If it's meant to be, it will be there the next time I go in there. Whenever that is.

But as I end this post, I just got an envelope from HR and wow...I got something I only requested late yesterday afternoon. I think I need to reward my trusty HR officer with an order of cheese puffs! If only the envelope had come just 20 mins earlier, I could have rewarded her and saved myself the calories. Or maybe not.

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