It ain't easy being Green

So the big game was today. The Mighty Lions were taking on the team from the USA, the "soccer" nation. The game eventually ended very disappointingly, with the USA pulling back a goal with the help of the English goalkeeper, Robert Green, who clearly was thinking about getting some tonight instead of thinking about holding on to the damn ball. This goal hopefully will not be his legacy.

Need a still?

Another? Yep. This dude will probably not be sleeping very well tonight. It ain't easy being Green.

But another disturbing component of this game was the USA kit. I swear, they just needed to step up and go "I am Carlos Bocanegra. Miss USA...or...umm...Mr USA." What's the beauty pageeant sash like stripe about? Very not cool for a bunch of burly football men. Their red kit is the same style, with a blue sash.

But thankfully Becks kept it manly and sexy.

The Argentines thankfully pulled off a win this morning so my Saturday, which was adjusted, swapping shopping and wine bar, for leftovers and football, was not a total bust. Diego Maradona looks pretty good for a man who has been to crack and back.

Habib Bellaid plays with Algeria tomorrow (Kay, are you ready?), so the eye candy moment would be during that game. But the Germans also play tomorrow so I am in full football loving mode then. And I am now, with the excitement of one Habib-esque guy, in full vacation countdown mode as well.

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