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It's a cold and wet Sunday - just the way I love it. I have been doing some kitchen stuff - doing some sexy things with some chicken and some veggies.

Sure they don't look so sexy there to you, but add some chicken in mushroom sauce, and some stir fried sweet peppers and onions, and they are a girl's best friend.

Had a day out with the mum yesterday. I have not shopped for new clothes in a while and thought it would be good to make a girls' day out of it. It's good to take the mum with me because though our styles are way different, she knows what looks good on me and what doesn't. I tried on a blouse that I thought may have worked on me but my reflection did not agree. Neither did the mum. Her words: It's not you.

Mums know.

We got a Father's Day gift for the dad as well and all is well in the world. Of course, days like Father's Day where the cooking is a must, the threats to the waistline are immense. There was a macaroni pie on the counter when I woke up that has claimed victory after my failed attempts at resistance. But considering that I went out yesterday and did not have any takeout (I had a honey wheat pesto chicken wrap), no dessert, no sugary drinks, I think some cheesey pasta decadence is permissible. Plus I have veggies for the rest of the week.

Yesterday was a busy one so when the gym alarm went off this morning at 4.35am, and I heard the pitter patter of raindrops on my window, forgive me calorie gods for rolling over and pulling the blanket over my head and going back to sleep until 9.00am. I was tired and you don't know how tired you are until you surrender your body to the exhaustion.
Hope everyone had a good day with the dads, and the mums who dad duty when the dads are not around.

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  1. That looks good, but I love veggies, throw in chicken and I'm in heaven. If you cook like this all the time, I'd never turn down an invit.


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