An early Saturday

The weekend was not supposed to be like this. I think maybe I am running around too much cause it is very rare that I get a cold and with such annoying symptoms. For the past 3 days I have been at the gym promptly at 5, and I made an evening run last night which I am sure effed up my sinuses. But the jeans are a little looser...small price to pay.

But feeling so terrible, I knew I would be a danger to small children and unsuspecting adults, so I hustled to make the 11am showing of SATC2. To my girlfriends, thanks for nothing. To my diehard friend, P, a MAN, thanks for being my rock star!

Can I first just say I absolutely love 11am shows? No screaming kids, no annoying people standing gazing at the rows of seats trying to decide where to sit, all the while blocking your view. No canoodlers, i.e. those annoying couples who clearly don't understand that kissing and all the rest are to be done in your house. Just bliss. When P and I walked in, the place was deliciously empty. If my nose was not so stuffy, I would have run through the aisles in glee. To the dude who came alone and sat down and watched the movie with no shame - kudos to you. To the other 20 people there who turned their cell phones off and enjoyed the movie without being annoying - kudos.

I personally loved the movie. Loved it. I get the reviews and yes, it won't win an Oscar, but Samantha was back - something that was missing from SATC1. Crude, crass, sex obsessed Sam was back and in ripping form. Oh God...Dick Spurt...could he have been any hotter? And Anthony's brother? The sex was back! Thank you God.

Some of the fashion again - questionable. Like I did not get the weird hat Carrie wore as best man. What was that? But I loved her J'adore Dior t-shirt and want one! There were some great fashion moments though. And the delicious shoes!

And I never thought I would say this: Liza Minelli rocked Beyonce. Yes, she did! She did!

No spoilers here but I give the movie an A for entertainment. It's an early Saturday cause I popped a couple TheraFlu drowsy formula caplets about half hour ago and that should knock me out for the next few hours. But it was a good Saturday (complete with a new blouse cause you cannot watch SATC and not be inspired to go buy something new and hot, can you?)

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