Flight 2-1 to the USA, now boarding!!!

The USA crashed out of the World Cup today and many people screamed Good Riddance. The Americans wonder why many don't like them when it comes to international sporting activities and I don't know about other people, but I can hardly stand the commentary and the we are the greatest, we are the best, and if we lose, it's not because the other team was better, but because we had a bad day mentality. Yes, there is talent, but talent without humility and sportsmanship is wasted.

I was channel surfing and heard the dude with the microphone on ESPN (cannot call him an unbiased sports journalist) say How can a country one-tenth the size of America beat the USA? I mean....wow. The level of arrogance is mind numbing and worse, America is home to many immigrants from small nations - immigrants that contribute to their economy. This flippant, arrogant statement really floored me. Especially coming from people whose team features players from countries even smaller than Ghana, including Trinidad and Tobago. I guess when it's not so shocking when it suits them.

 Take the Olympics. The 100m finals. The premier event of all track events. Usain Bolt is from an island way smaller than Ghana and runs circles around their best athletes on a bad day. The results table above just shows that. A Jamaican and a Trini beat an American into third. Shocking. And then for good measure, a dude from the Neth. Antilles, 2 more Jamaicans and another Trini decided to show the other American how it's done. Their total populations probably cannot fit in Alaska. But hey...they beat 'em. USA's World Champion in the 400m hurdles, Kerron Clement is from an island smaller than Ghana...my island. So yes, I am a bit miffed that these people continuously assert themselves as the greatest athletes the world has ever seen and it is incredulous that people from countries with smaller budgets, less resources but a whole lot of heart and pride can drub the USA in a sport that they have not even fully embraced. Shocker! I guess they have gotten so used to being kings in CONCACAF, a region with teams from countries so much smaller and with less financial resources than theirs, that the fact that a "small" African nation could send them packing is too much for their imaginations to handle.

Ghana played some spectacular football today and it was a well deserved win. I hope the USA at least gets first class seats on Air "Got my Ass Kicked" back to the States, as opposed to the French who sadly were relegated to economy after their dismal showing. I mean, coming from a country so much larger than Ghana in every way, shape and form, except on the field, this is the least they can do.


  1. you let americans piss you off?

  2. Well said Avi. If only they could learn some humility, because when they do we'll welcome them to the sport with open arms.

  3. Kish....they may not be able to play football, but they are top notch at pissing people off. lol

    Soy...is the same thing I say. I sometimes want to support them because of the individual athletes, but nah...they make it impossible.


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