Trini Fabulousity Hits Project Runway

Trini girl, Anya Ayoung Chee
Photo credit: Project Runway/Lifetime
One of the shows I would not miss when I was back home, was Project Runway. Loved the show. It was fashion, but without being annoying (can someone say America's Next Top Model and Tyra Banks? Wow...that Tyra was really in love with herself).

So to learn recently that this season, there would be a Trini among the 20 new designers - totally fabulish.

Look out for Anya Ayoung-Chee on Season 9. Anya represented Trinidad and Tobago at the Miss Universe competition in 2008, and then really focused on her passion for fashion, making a name for herself in Trinidad and Tobago with her own line, Pilar by Anya.

I am excited to see how she will translate her very unique fashion style and love for bold prints to this season. Very excited. Best of luck to her!

 The new season starts on July 28 at 9pm, on Lifetime.

And I am just totally in love with the maxi dress she is wearing in her promotional photo. Oh...stop stop!


  1. WOW--she's GORGEOUS! And love the dress she's wearing in this picture. I haven't watched Project Runway in ages, but it was always a favorite. I'll have to check this out when the new season airs :) Keeping my fingers crossed for her!

  2. Yes. We Trinis are a smokin' hot people. lol. And I am lusting after that dress so bad right now. I want to jump through the laptop and get it!

  3. I LOVE it when they have people from places other than the U.S. on the show. I dunno WHY we're so afraid of prints here! I love it when designers from the Caribbean show up and go wild with color. It's so much more FUN!

    And seriously... that dress is gorgeous!

  4. Isn't it? It is spectacular. I so want one like it!

    I think people need to be brave about colour and prints. It can really make a statement, if done well.


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