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Retweeted the truth this afternoon:
Step away from social media. Real life is more important.
I am online a lot only cause I am on my laptop a lot. I am currently in the throes of the joys of interview transcription and God knows I could use a distraction from that.  But I don't have this overwhelming sensation to tweet all day or do a gazillion challenges or try every new thing. Sometimes I actually get bored with it. Honestly. Sometimes I don't want to blog, or tweet or update. The days I don't want to blog, I don't blog. And it's okay to not want to. I think it's great when you don't force it or make it happen because you think someone will miss it. I am sure noone misses it. I love going out, having a life and maybe blogging about it. I don't blog about everything I do either. Hardly. I love the convenience of online interaction, but cherish the richness of offline adventures and relationships, without the intrusion of online tricks.

I wrote this last year in  my other blog:
I remember the days when you could go to dinner with your girlfriends or go to the mall or take a nap, without a camera phone in your face. You would get home and not have to worry that already you had been tagged by Mary in 8 photos. Life used to be so simple then. You socialised without socialisingThat is, you went out and enjoyed the concept of going out and catching up and having a good time and did not get lost in the tomorrow of "I need to share this with my network" or "This will make a great profile photo". These days Facebook does not even need an invitation or to RSVP. It's the ultimate stormer, wedding crasher and boldfaced guest...
...I don't sit at the dinner table with my smartphone checking tweets or emails. I like looking into the faces of friends and hearing their laughter and being wholly part of the moment. And if I don't have tons of photos to remember the occasion, or some means to let my network know that the steak was spectacular, that's okay. 

It really is. Okay. I love this video as well. Is this you?


  1. Ahhh - my thoughts exactly this summer. I haven't felt like blogging much, e-mailing, or spending so much time in front of the computer. Yes, it's OK! Phones have absolutely no place on the dinner table, and I simply cannot stand talking with someone with a blue tooth device stuck to their head. It is t-a-c-k-y and disrespectful. And so is facebook posting and tagging without someone's permission. Hell. I'll drink to all of this! So why am I online? Waiting for my wine chiller delivery and doing some quick business before I get on with REAL life for the day. Brava!

  2. I am online as I try to convince myself that it is better than transcribing the dissertation interviews I have so far. It is sooooo boring. lol.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. One of my friends did her thesis on smart phones and why people were so dependent on them.

    It showed that college students were very insecure and that the phones offered protection that real life didn't.

    Check out this video which is similarly shocking in a simple way


  4. Avi its so true, I was also thinking on the similar lines. I am mostly online coz laptop is the only medium to entertain and connect with people here. And I am also bored of it, so not used to be online the entire day and stare at the FB page. the socialising without socialising is real fun, but I feel these days people use the online socialising as an escape route to actually socialise.

  5. So very true, T. I think some people are unwilling to go out there and live ...offline. Life is good out there!

  6. Thanks for passing by my blog! Since I moved to the USA 6 months ago I am glued to the PC, well at least in the first 4 months as it was my lifeline to Europe and friends. By now I am more out and about and integration happens step by step and yesterday even at a thrift store. Love T&T.

  7. Social networking like anything else can become a negative if overdone. It can be a good thing too. I have gotten back in touch with old friends and renewed friendships. I guess it is all about balance.

  8. Only very, very recently have I become a social media addict. I wouldn't even get on Facebook until 2 years ago. I refused. Now, I'm signing up for this, joining that, and, you know what? You're right. It's not worth it. What's right in front of us, that's what's worth it. Thanks for this reminder.

  9. I really enjoyed both your post and the video. I'm in the minority. My cell phone minutes expire because I forget where it is and don't bring it with me. But I am addicted to my iPad.

    I'm just starting in all this but I have an addictive personality so I'll be in the American version of the video next year.

  10. Yea I hate that people expect you to be online all the time. Don't they have a life? And the phones...not ten years ago people survived perfectly well without cell phones...so why now do they seem to NEED them just to survive? What happened? Are they imbued with crack or something..that seeps into you through your skin and turns you into an addict? Scary. Following by the way. Simple Wyrdings

  11. Brilliant video and post! The amount of times my Mum has cussed me for taking my laptop when I go home from the weekend, or when I have my Blackberry on the dinner table.

    I seriously think I need help!!!


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