Come Dine with Me - The Trini Episode

Famida - Come Dine with Me Photo credit: Channel 4
Come Dine With Me is one of my fave shows here in the UK. The show follows 4-5 strangers who must host a dinner party for each other - with each dinner guest secretly scoring each other's dinner party. I sat tonight watching this old episode which amused for the usual reasons but it was especially amusing because one of the dinner guests was Trini. Usually the Caribbean train wrecks...umm...guests...are Jamaican but now I can "proudly" say, Trinidad and Tobago were represented on my favourite show.

Disclaimer: This woman does not represent all Trinidadian women. However, she sure makes for great entertainment. If you have 48 minutes to spare and want a laugh, this episode has to be one of the best ever. I highly advise you check out the snake poo scene (which starts around 11.24) and the orange halter scene (starts around 28.35).

CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO. You will not regret it...or maybe you will.

The best!


  1. I tried to check it out but it's not available in the states. :( I would have loved to see it. I could do with a good laugh!

  2. darned - it's not available in Canada either :(

  3. so sorry you guys cannot access was really special!

  4. LOL I saw this episode last year and it was the wannabe British attitude of said Trini woman that had me laughing! Except for the young guy, this is the weirdest, meanest lot I ever saw on come dine with me.

  5. I agree. They were especially rude to the young guy, and for no good reason. They were horrible. And sister friend needs to recognise her 50yr old body should be covered and not assaulting my eyes! The snake pooing on the table was a classic though! CLASSIC! lol.


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