Trini Salsa...or not

Salsa! Baila!
So last night, I went salsa dancing. Having never danced salsa in my life, I was excited and a bit anxious - because while Trinis are great at gyrating and wining, I was not that confident in my Latin dancing ability. The hip movements, I had down but I looked at the intermediate dancers and thought to myself - they expect me to be able to do all that?

In any event, I did not feel like I got a real chance to show my skills. The classes were enormous and totally oversubscribed, leaving very little room for movement. I kept bumping into people and getting my own toes stepped on. Not fun. Additionally, it seemed like some of the patrons' 24 hr deodorant protection only lasted 10 hours, and my eyes were soon glistening with tears as a result of the acrid smell of sweaty underarms. The room itself was very warm, so this did not add to my enjoyment. Needless to say, I was not a very attentive, committed pupil and the eyes of weird, tusty looking men on my form also did not help my comfort levels (although there was one stunner who kept staring at me - high five!). After 10 minutes of bruised toes, burning nostrils and the searing virtual pain from the eyes boring into my ass as I 1-2-3'ed, I stepped to the side and called it quits. It was a sad day for the men of London but a great day for my feet.

The date itself was also a bit bleh. Nice dude, but waaaaaaay too eager for my liking. I foresee a lifetime of clinginess with this one, who already wants to come to my house. Today.

But as always - it's a great story for my grandkids one day. If I ever get to the point of populating my uterus.


  1. Ugh. Clinginess. Big turn off. NEXT! x

  2. Take a break on the dating!!! lol

  3. LOL. Anonymous, whoever you are - whyyyyyy should I take a break from the dating? Half of my amusement comes from it. What on earth would I do without it? lol

    MissDayDream - I am so with you on that. NEXT!!!!

  4. This is hilarious... you need to write some chick-lit about your dating adventures!


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