Maxi Friday

Earlier this week, with some inspiration from the awesome CP, I bravely wore one of my maxi dresses out and about in London. Since "summer" began, I had not worn any dresses because the weather has been less than summery. I had worn one earlier - in April - when the weather was well and truly hot. However, the erratic summer has not instilled any confidence in me. But I have decided to give the other dresses some coverage and today is slated to be a stunner of a day so will go spend some time outdoors and out of jeans.

I love this dress because it is comfy, has a full, floor length skirt, and most important, it is low maintenance - it did not cost much so I feel free to roll around in it. Add a cute belt and simple accessories and a matching shrug, and I am ready to roll.

And of course - Flip flops!

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Yay! I am sure you will look very cute :-)

  2. I love the dress and the accessories...perfect for summer! I feel you with the crappy summer weather thing, it has rained or been overcast every single day for 2 weeks here in Denmark. I am going crazy! Thanks for following my blog too by the way. I am so happy to have you on as a reader :)

  3. This dress is so cute! Now you need some pics of you wearing your cute clothes!

  4. I think I have 5 or 6 summer maxis! LOVE them. And doesn't a cute dress make you FEEL like summer (even if you have to throw a sweater over it)?!

  5. Very Nice. I love the flip flops as well!

  6. I so need to go shopping to improve my wardrobe! And I def. need a shrug - thanks for this - u just gave me an idea what to wear out tonight :)

    This is a gorgeous maxi and even more gorgeous flip flops btw!

  7. Flip flop envy....I'm lovin' those! I stumbled on to your blog by way of SITS and love the cute outfits and fashion advice.


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