Exhaustion + Excitement Equal...

SITS Photo Challenge, Day III - Lighting
Exhausted. It's a rough week. I am struggling. Yet, I am bubbly today because I just spent an hour sitting on the lawn in the backyard with a glass of water, in a tank top, jeans and flip flops - no scarf, no jacket. Flip flops!!! The ecstasy!

The sun, high in the sky, did what a sun is supposed to do - give off heat. Friends, it is WARM in London today. Honest to goodness, Caribbean definition of WARM. I forgot how tired and annoyed I was with this mood board I am supposed to make, and just sat there - in the sun, never-see-come-see, baking my brown shoulders and chest and arms and face. I could have died from joy. So while E is for exhausted, it is also for excitement, enthusiasm and enjoyment - all in abundance in my world on this warm, bright,beautiful, sunny day.

And to prove it to you, my photo challenge today was about lighting and I think Pablo showed what he can do with some natural light indoors, but today it is all about the magical illumination in my backyard. I think the neighbours have absolutely given up on me now, cause I was laying on a towel in the grass, smiling, and then taking photos of a football. Yep. I won't be surprised if I see the NHS yellow ambulance pull up to get me later - to take me to the nuthouse. Envy. Another "e" word. Envious of my simple joy.

SITS Photo Challenge, Day III - Lighting
Football porn

And I had some water with me.

SITS Photo Challenge, Day III - Lighting
Bring out the lime wedges. The sun is here!

I used the photos I like the most in my collage.

SITS Photo Challenge, Day III - Lighting
I love photo collages


  1. Hey Trininista ~~ I'm popping in from the A~Z Challenge ~ nice to meet you ! It's great that you got a chance to spend some time in the sun ! Enjoy the rest of the challenge !
    Coming from a sunny place myself , I can imagine what it must be like when the cold , harsh weather hits hard ! I don't think I'd be able to live in a cold climate ~ I'm toooo spoilt by the sun & humidity !


  2. oh how I envy you the warm weather you're having. It is still cold here where I live, sunny, but cold. definitely not flip flop weather.

  3. Great blog post and nice sunny photos! I *love* the first lime water shot! The sun shining through the water and reflecting in the shadow is so cool!

  4. Gosh how can you be on the lighting challenge already? I barely even had time to put in the other two!

  5. Muso - I was a mess in winter. Not very happy or bubbly. A mess. lol.

    Ms Hatch - don't get too jealous of me. It was freezing yesterday and who knows, the temps may dip in a couple hours. One thing about London - unpredictable.

    Lynda - thank you. This challenge gives me something to look forward to each day.

    Kirsten - I know if I do not make the time I will fall behind. I am really trying to stay on top of these challenges and I am learning a lot. I am putting my crappy camera to the test!

  6. Dear London,

    I understand you were absolutely fabulously sunny and warm today. If you were searching for your fog, it is on vacation in Toronto - please ask it to come home since it looks bad on us to kick him out of the country. It is just that it is messing with our head amongst the cold weather, rain and snow in this farce of a Spring.
    In the meantime, please allow the Londoners to bask in the sun so I can live vicariously through them. Thanks much and Love always.
    PS - absolutely fab photos!

  7. Keep the fog, please. We don't want him back. Send him to the Arctic or something. I missed an entire day of sun....what yuh wanna bet it will rain tomorrow??

  8. I wish I could be in flip flops unfortunately it hasn't even reached 60 yet here. I hope the weather starts to cooperate with my mood soon. Hopefully you won't be taken to the nuthouse, you are fabulous :D


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