Flip Flop Glamour

Have flip-flops made a comeback?
Today is the day! I am going to brave the elements and go forth - in a pair of flip flops. If you could not tell just from the title, having missed yesterday A-Z Challenge entry, I am doing F and G today. The weather is brilliant and though it gets chilly at night, I have pulled out a pair of flip flops. I will gauge the wearability of them later.

I crashed like a stone last night, after having not slept the night before, and I also woke up with a bleepin' headache so physically, I am not a star. But I am looking forward to a great day and hopefully an even better weekend- colour coordinated and all. G is for gorgeous and great, and I will try my best to be that today.

Today's winning fashion combo includes...


  1. Just enjoy the weather :) To be honest I am sure you are Gorgeous :)

  2. Hi,
    Although I have to admit I loathe all but the most comfortable high heels, I am learning to live in flip flops. Living in sunny So. California makes flip flops more than a fashion statement, and pedicures a definite must-have.

    I like the idea of showcasing live through shoes...so, I'll be back for sure!

    I just got my blog up and running recently at www.gogogeo.net. So far I am really enjoying the A to Z challenge. When you have a spare minute, come on over and browse a while. :)

    Happy blogging!

  3. Oh, what pretty sparkles! And I just love the color purple. :)

  4. my favorite color - and I love the bracelets.

  5. I love flip flops. They just don't love me back.

  6. lol @Karen. How do flip flops not love you back, chick? Silly girl.

    Thanks ladies! You all rock!


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