C for Crazy

So I have also decided to try the A to Z Blogging Challenge and I am not sure I will be able to blog every day, but we will see. Though I have missed A-B, today is C and this was easy. I made this before I realised today was Day C.

Tired. I am so frazzled I completely forgot to turn in my assignment electronically this morning. The deadline was 9am and at 8.30 I was still living in ignorance, under the blanket. Not sure what sparked the memory but at 8.32,  as I put the pillow over my head to shut out the reality of another day filled with reading about evaluation models, source oriented perspectives and ROI, it hit me and I flew off the bed in a panic, hoping my broadband was working, cause it tends to do weird things at the most inconvenient of times. God. I cannot wait for it to be over!

Sigh. C for Crazy. Check.


  1. Crazy it is :) Welcome to A-Z, and have fun on the ride!

  2. I dunno about fun...lol. But thanks for the welcome!

  3. ahaha! Let's just C how craC this challenge will make us! Cheers :)

  4. Haa, haa I hate that feeling! It always hits 5-10 minutes too late. Hope you still have a great day!

  5. Tomorrow will be better, keep on smiling :)

  6. Well you certainly got the post right - C! I hope you got your assignment in. I heard London had a beautiful day recently and people wondered if they were in the right city! Did you see it or was your head under the covers?

    Love your pic above too. Gorgeous.

    Thanks for visiting Columbia with me. D is for ...?


    L'Aussies Travel Blog A - Z Challenge Posts

  7. D - Denmark?

    Thanks for visiting. I hope you will keep Trinidad and Tobago in mind when you get to "T". And I did manage to enjoy a few of these sunny days in London. Have to take a break every now and then.

  8. Life definitely gets crazy for me sometimes. I think I'm pretty much there right now. Welcome to the challenge!

    Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Publication

  9. I'm still behind on blogging. So glad you decided to join the challenge!


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