Knackered Technology and Knackered Biology

Red Rover keeping me company as my laptop slowly dies
I have missed Photo Challenge days as I knew I would, but the end is near. The end of student life, so bear with me. I did not take this photo and it's just a test photo actually but I added a border. lol. Hope that counts for something! And it goes with my A to Z Challenge post which is about the word - KNACKERED.

I always liked that word knackered. For the non-Brits, it means "tired". Knackered - exactly how I felt yesterday evening when I got home. It was a full day, which included a lot of repetition, digging deep for emotions and delayed trains. These things on paper may seem trite, but over a 12-hour period, it can be exhausting. But still, it was an interesting day. My computer is also pretty knackered. This laptop has seen more words and been through more article reading, article searching, referencing, assignment typing and editing and emailing and turning in, skyping, blogging and surfing, than the average laptop. Between rigorous student life, where 80% of my time is spent on the laptop, and staying in touch with family back home and friends around the world, my laptop has really been working hard. So when I saw the blinking red light on my battery icon saying I should definitely consider replacing my battery, I was not really surprised. The timing was shit, as I am praying it does not conk out before I finish my proposal today. I have overworked it and also I have fallen asleep over this laptop enough times, with it hooked up to the main, to know that this battery would die pretty soon. I hopefully get my new battery in the post before this one dies. Kudos - another K - to my wonderful laptop battery for braving the academic storm with me!

Knackered - it's a pretty cute word, as is its synonym shattered. These Brits have some great words let me tell you - some of my faves include plonker, naff, wonky, twit. There are some others like wanker,which are less PG and which I try not to use too regularly. To me, it means absolutely nothing but I could not tell a dude I thought he was a wanker. lol.

I had finished the proposal and was just editing and as in usual trininista style, I found things I was not happy with and I am now adding words instead of taking them away. It will be another long day but I am sure less enjoyable than yesterday especially since it is grey outside. The 5 sunny days of spring have come and gone. Back to London as I know it. I hope I get at least an hour of sun tomorrow as I want to spend part of my day in the park, because tomorrow marks the end of structured student life. Celebration weekend!

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  1. Busy is not bad, just one step at a time and you will get far. But I can feel for you, yesterday I was also K.O. pretty hard day behind me! Smile, the sun is shining!


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